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Leatherhead U12s - Desperate for more Boys

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Griffbabe · 27/08/2023 12:45


I’m trying to help recruit for my sons team who are on the verge of not fielding a side for the upcoming season about to start.

Leatherhead is a well appointed facility with very experienced coaches, and a great club house and community. If you have a budding young player who is keen PM me and I’ll hook you up with contact details.

Playing ability - obviously would love to hear from great young players, but there is space in the team for those lacking experience and enthusiasm and commitment will go along way!

OP posts:
Legoninjago1 · 27/08/2023 13:03

Hi OP. It might be worth posting in Extra-Curricular Activities on the Education board as well. Good luck.

BellaAmorosa · 27/08/2023 13:15

This may not be terribly helpful, but is it worth widening your net to see if there are any girls who are interested? As a short-term measure, I mean. You probably know more about the regulations than I do, but I believe girls and boys can play in the same team up to 12 years old. And I know anecdotally that talented girls struggle to find girls' teams to play on so it could work out for you for this season at least.

I'm sure you've thought of this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. And good luck!

PatriciaHolm · 27/08/2023 13:23

Try posting on the Epsom & Ewell families facebook too? Maybe ask the owners of the Glyn/Blenheim Yr 7 pages if they would post something too?

Muchtoomuchtodo · 27/08/2023 13:49

What sport is this for @Griffbabe

Could you look to recruit girls as well as boys, or is it a sport where kids can play up an age group?

BellaAmorosa · 27/08/2023 13:58

Just realised that the OP didn't say what sport - I just assumed it was football! Sorry, OP, if I've got that wrong.

Griffbabe · 27/08/2023 14:55

darn, cannot believe I didn’t mention the sport!

Football, boys team.

OP posts:
Griffbabe · 27/08/2023 16:41

The football club has a girls team already. I’m not sure of the regulations, just trying to help out and see if any boys out there are still who missed the recruitment season.

OP posts:
Griffbabe · 27/08/2023 19:00

Hey Again,

Additional News just in. Apparently, as well as needing u12 boys they are also looking for girls u12/u13/14.

Any enquiries can be put to Dave in the email below. If you could say you heard via Jon, that’d be great!
[email protected]


OP posts:
Griffbabe · 27/08/2023 19:12


just learned that there are slots for girl footballers u12/u13/u14

same contact!

OP posts:
GoldenRuby · 27/08/2023 19:16

Have you tried emailing the schools (Therfield, St Andrews, St John's , possibly others) to see if they will put something in their first newsletter of term? The admin staff are probably around and term starts in just over a week.

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