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District football U11

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ladybluesky · 16/06/2023 20:45

Has anyone had to choose between district and Saturday league football for children in U11 age group? My son has been asked to play for the district team (in Surrey) after a few trials. The invitation makes a lot of the great honour this is but given it would mean he couldn't play his usual Saturday club football with his mates I can't see him choosing district so we'll probably turn it down. Anyone else has this dilemma and are we right to prioritise his club who he feels great loyalty towards and loves so much? Shall we just let him decide?

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loobylou10 · 16/06/2023 21:12

Let him play with his mates. Done academy and district football with 2 boys - never again. If he's good enough, the clubs will come begging for him in time.

LadyTemperance · 16/06/2023 21:19

Will he get better training though? I think for me it would depend on how acedemic he is, what are his ambitions?

ladybluesky · 17/06/2023 11:53

@loobylou10 thanks, agree with that. Think we'll turn it down.

He's good but not incredible. Playing under his level at current club but really enjoys it. He's also doing player pathway at premier league club so getting good training there. Just trying to get the balance between football (which he does most days now) school work and other things.

OP posts:
ladybluesky · 17/06/2023 11:54

@LadyTemperance his ambitions are to be a professional footballer but I'm a bit more realistic about the prospect of that happening Grin

OP posts:
loobylou10 · 17/06/2023 11:58

My advice would be don't put your life on hold for any club. We did, thinking it would make a difference (missing family events, coming back early from holidays etc) but no - all they care about is how good the player (the commodity) is.
Players = money - that is the only thing they care about.

trustingsurvivor · 27/06/2023 04:47

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