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Wimbledon Ballot for 2023 Tickets

28 replies

nopeasplease · 10/02/2023 17:18

Has anyone heard yet?x

OP posts:
FrownedUpon · 10/02/2023 17:20

I know someone who had an email 2 weeks ago. I think the first ballot has been completed, so only returns now. I didn’t get anything 🥲

Lilly11a · 10/02/2023 17:21

Yes ☺️. I got 2nd Thursday court one men's doubles . Super excited.

Got the email on 2nd Feb if that helps

Greengreented · 10/02/2023 17:27

No nothing for me this time, it’s such a shame if the above comment is right about the first ballot ending ☹️

Anjo2011 · 10/02/2023 17:36

Nothing for me yet. Fingers crossed for round 2.

nopeasplease · 10/02/2023 17:45

Oh congrats @Lilly11a! Shame for the rest of us 😩

OP posts:
DigbyDigger · 14/02/2023 06:40

I’ve got something but I’m not sure what.

Wimbledon Ballot for 2023 Tickets
Mindymomo · 14/02/2023 06:47

We’ve applied this time, it’s our first time. Can anyone tell me if we haven’t heard by now, we won’t get any tickets.

DigbyDigger · 14/02/2023 06:51

@Mindymomo I got mine in May last year, I think returns happen until the end of June. Don’t give up hope.

Panicmode1 · 14/02/2023 06:53

Yes! I've got mens' singles semi finals day 🥳. So excited.

Mindymomo · 14/02/2023 07:32

@DigbyDigger thanks, I won’t give up, but we usually book a cottage holiday for the first week of Wimbledon so we get to watch quite a lot of games.

skeemee · 21/02/2023 19:15

weve got same email. We’ve never been before. What day / court would you recommend us to book? We will be travelling from Scotland so will make it part of a 2/3 night holiday.

any pointers gratefully received!!

DigbyDigger · 21/02/2023 20:25

@skeemee I’m not sure how it works, I’ve never got an allocation like this before.
I really enjoy the first week, ideally Centre or Courts 1 or 2 but you can’t go wrong with any seats. It’s a wonderful experience!

skeemee · 22/02/2023 10:34

@DigbyDigger I am logged into my Wimbledon but can’t find how to buy the tickets. How are you getting on?

MGMidget · 22/02/2023 11:08

Did you get an email? If so if you click on the link it should take you to the queue. However, I have been queuing sine 10.01am and not even half way yet!

skeemee · 22/02/2023 16:23

i didn’t notice the email, so got in the queue about 45 mins late. Took about 3 hours + so I missed out on all the centre court tickets. Ended up with Court 1 on our preferred day, which I’m sure will still be fab.

what did you get and @DigbyDigger too?

DigbyDigger · 22/02/2023 17:10

I logged on at 9.55 and after about 15 tense minutes got men’s semi final day on Centre.
Very spenny but hopefully worth it

Panicmode1 · 23/02/2023 14:02

@DigbyDigger See you there! I have mens semis tickets too....

MGMidget · 24/02/2023 15:54

I got ladies singles/mens doubles final centre court of the last Saturday. Expensive, yes but we dont do this type of thing often!

leesmum · 03/03/2023 19:37

Don't give up hope yet, I had an email yesterday saying I'd been successful in the ballot, 2x centre court tickets for Monday the 10th July, mens and ladies 4th round, not cheap but it's a one off 🎾🍓🥂

Rantypanties · 06/03/2023 22:40

I got an email on the 1st of March for men’s/ladies quarter finals on court 1. £310 to be sat at the very back…eeek! Not the price I was planning to pay but this is the second time I’ve got lucky so think I’ve used up all my good luck for Wimbledon!!

WombatChocolate · 25/03/2023 09:22

I haven’t heard anything. Is anyone still getting emails? Thanks.

Maiyakat · 31/03/2023 12:47

Got an email today with a link to log on and choose tickets, got court 1 tickets for the second Monday 😁 had tickets for last year and then caught covid and had to return them last minute, hoping for better luck this year!


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WombatChocolate · 27/04/2023 18:34

I’ve had an email saying ballot allocations have ended and I was unsuccessful. However, it said those who applied to the ballot had access to returns and it gave a link to access the returns.

Yesterday, quite a lot of tickets on No1 for the last day were available and odd other ones popping up and quickly going.

I looked again today. With a bit of persistence in looking and often clicking on what looked available, to find it had already gone, I actually got 2 tickets for Centre on the second Wednesday. I had 9 mins to complete the purchase. And so I did, even though I’m not 100% sure who I will go with. Feeling a bit bad as they were £185 each which is a lot for a day out….but it will be such a good day and I love it so much.

So anyone who didn’t get ballot tickets, I’m pretty sure that if you keep looking at the returns via your email link, you will eventually get something as tickets are returned all the time.

skeemee · 27/04/2023 19:24

Great! Good to hear…

Im looking at hotels now. Wow £250 per night for a Premier Inn! Any alternative recommendations? We are arriving by train into Kings Cross. But were planning to stay central and just get tube to Wimbledon on the day.

Greengreented · 29/04/2023 17:27

Ooh I haven’t had an email about the ballots ending…

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