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Cricket Twenty20 World Champions

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Lampedsomeoiks · 13/11/2022 15:16

Not sure if there is much love for cricket but England beat Pakistan today to win the competition for a 2nd time.

A really tight nervy match but England did enough to get over the line.

Ben Stokes is a machine. He keeps digging England out of very dodgy situations.

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hopepipe · 18/11/2022 00:31

Since 2007, the ICC T20 World Cup cricket competition has been diggy conducted every two years.

Lampedsomeoiks · 18/11/2022 08:15

U wot m8?

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LeafHunter · 18/11/2022 08:31

Missed the post at the time but had been watching! DH and I saw the final five overs and then went back to the beginning and watched it all. It had seemed like it was obviously englands game by the end but we didn’t realise how close it was until we saw it all. I’m such a fan of Livingstone- so consistent and always brings it out the bag when needed.

We’re struggling to find anywhere to watch bbl currently except dodgy YouTube streams!

Lampedsomeoiks · 18/11/2022 11:28

Watching it all live was a roller-coaster.

It goes from being confident Pakistan's score was under par to thinking Rngland would not do it. The run rate was creeping up and boundaries were hard to come by.

Ali came in and clobbered a good number to really help.

Livingstone didn't bat a whole lot due to scores being chased down but I feel he was short changed in the Ireland match as it looked like him and Ali were going to get England past the dls score before the rain ruined it all.

This is this year's world cup I wanted for England 👊. Football = no chance.

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Lampedsomeoiks · 18/11/2022 11:29

*Rngland = England.🙄My fingers are freezing.

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