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Wasps to go into administration

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AndNobbyDancing · 12/10/2022 14:39

Was very sad when Worcester went, but to lose Wasps as well is a sad day for English Rugby. It isn't just the Premership team, it is all the outreach, all the grassroots support, all the businesses that are connected to it, the pubs, the burger bars, the transport, hotels, the cleaners and stewards etc

And this is probably the beginning, from covid to the cost of living there is so much we are at risk of losing.

OP posts:
AndNobbyDancing · 12/10/2022 17:48

And the Exeter game has been cancelled, this will have a knock on affect this week.

OP posts:
lightisnotwhite · 13/11/2022 00:03

Terrible. Very sad. The whole Premiership funding needs looking at. Where will England and the home nations get a world class pool of players from if the system collapses. It’s already difficult to be competitive when you lose key players to internationals yet get no funding in return.
They shouldn’t have left London though. They had to leave they’re fanbase behind and Coventry was never going to replace it. Gutted for them and their fans.

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