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Watt bike or Peloton

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VinoEsmeralda · 08/11/2020 16:38

I usually cycle to work ( upright, v old hybrid bike) and really miss it ( 22 miles a day) plus gym closed again.

Looking to get a exercise bike for myself and 2 teenagers, one will use it a lot to just cycle and break into a sweat, very self motivated. Me on the other hand work better if Im told what to do (and try harder).

Peloton looks good but don't like the £50 per month but options seem endless and have to use their shoes. Watt bike, no screen but can use any shoes and like the automatic gear changes on set routes.

Which one have you got and why did you get it. Pros and cons?

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MalteserGeezee · 08/11/2020 16:56

I've got a Peloton and love it. Tons of classes, great instructors. Agree it's pricey. Anyone can access the Peloton classes though if they subscribe to the Peloton app. So you could buy a cheaper bike and just get the Peloton app -- stick a phone or tablet on cheaper bike and away you go. As an experienced cyclist, you'd probably find it easier to calibrate cadence/resistance on an "any bike" to match stats suggested by the Peloton coach, so no reason not to go for that cheaper option.

VinoEsmeralda · 08/11/2020 17:09

Thanks MalteserGeezee Not experienced at all, just enjoy cycling ( bike is my student bike so over 25 yrs old, very heavy). Watt bike is more expensive than peloton but no live classes. I had my mind made up (Peloton) and then 3 colleagues all said Watt is better bike. One had both and sent the Peloton one back. Wish I could try before you buy but not going to happen any time soon.....

OP posts:
Hockneypool · 08/11/2020 17:17

Check out Zwift to go with the watt bike. There’s a monthly charge and it’s a lot less than peloton. It has different routes and races on it engage with.

Cosmos45 · 08/11/2020 17:20

Where abouts are you? You could try my bike if you lived near me. I have Peloton and love it due to not being self motivated. I would never jump on and just ride, I need the structure of a class and instruction. There are thousands of classes on demand ant live and all sorts of different styles of instruction. There are loads of online forums on FB as well for motivation, tribe rides etc.

The monthly subscription is £39 and that allows you all content, not just cycling. There are yoga, bootcamp, running, meditation, strength classes and you can either cast the screen to a TV or with the bike + that has just been released the screen swivels.

Loads of people are now selling the original bike as the new bike + has been released (I just sold mine). They offer a 30 day exchange so if you want to trial one you can order and send it back within the 30 days. You can cancel the subscription anytime you like.

You do not need the peloton shoes but you will need delta cleats rather than shimano (3 point cleats instead of 2 point). You can buy cheaper shoes and fit delta’s or change the pedals for shimano.

Cosmos45 · 08/11/2020 17:24

Sorry posted too soon. A secondhand bike (rather than the new bike +) will sell for £1200 ish and there is a dedicated bit/sell group on FB you can join and see if there’s any bikes near you. That might be an option instead it getting a new bike, but to be honest with the 30 day returns if you want a new one you are not obligated. Good luck, if you have any other questions please ask.

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