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Basketball Parents Here?

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TKadosh · 31/10/2019 15:01

Hey everyone, I'm trying to find out how one can make the lives of basketball parents and their sons/daughters a lot easier. If there are any basketball parents here, I'll appreciate your help

I have two very simple questions:

As basketball parent, what are the 2 biggest issues your son/daughter is dealing with?

Regarding your son/daughter that is playing basketball, what would you wish for them more than anything else?

Thank you. Looking forward to reading your answers and having conversation here!

OP posts:
Hersetta427 · 13/11/2019 19:30

My daughter plays at a regional level, plays national league and trains 3 times a week. Most important thing we have taught her is to be super organised, get homework done ASAP as certain days she goes straight from school to training (35 miles away) and doesn't return till 8.30. Organisation is key!

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