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Hockey for child, beginner

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Melisandra · 18/05/2019 09:50

Hi, we need to buy a hockey stick for school. It's compulsory for year 3 (age 8). I was going to get a cheapish one from Sports Direct but have since been told about wooden v composite. For a beginner child who isn't very sporty and is quite small for their age, I'm thinking a lighter stick may be better which, in turn, may encourage enjoyment of the sport. I know wooden sticks are good for a solid push etc but I'm thinking for beginner hockey lighter may be better. What do you think? Also, what brands are good for beginner hockey sticks? Slazenger and Grays seem quite popular on the web. Are these ok? I don't want to spend a fortune as I also need to buy shin pads and a mouth guard etc (any advice on brands for these also welcome!).

I did play hockey as a child but I didn't play until high school so was bigger. And back then we just all had standard wooden sticks from the PE room!

Thank you vm!

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DonPablo · 18/05/2019 09:59

It's unusual for a school to do proper field hockey at that age, it was all unihoc for my kids at primary, so thats quite exciting! Will they play on grass or astro? Have they mentioned shoes?

Both of mine play hockey and the littlest started at 4. With a cheap wooden stick because of how much they grow!

A well moulded mouth guard is the key because again, they'll grow and it won't fit properly by next season. And you can get proper hockey shin pads... Quite different from football ones. I'd just go to sports direct tbh because you might find that the kit you buy now is no good in 12 months.... Because they grow! I'm forever updating hockey gear, can you tell?

Comefromaway · 18/05/2019 10:01

Lots of the kids at the hockey club ds used to go to had Grays sticks.

Melisandra · 18/05/2019 10:54

Thanks This is helpful. I think they're playing on grass. They have just said normal trainers they can run in. Nothing special.

Re hockey shin pads, didn't realize there was a difference from football ones. Will get the hockey ones as they seem to offer more protection.

Great re Grays as I hadn't heard of them before. Will check them out in Sports Direct!

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