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Your best exercises for getting rid of a belly

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cinemalover · 21/01/2019 21:47

I've recently gained a stone and a half due to depression and over eating, I'm going to really try and sort my diet out but I'm stuck for stomach toning exercises!

I know your average crunch/sit-up and plank, I'm going to incorporate those into my new workout routine, but what else would you recommend?

I have bad posture also so a lot of abs exercises kill my upper back and shoulders!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!Smile

OP posts:
Cuppateeee · 21/01/2019 21:52

Not a professional but also trying to shape up. I try looking online/ YouTube.
I’ve found Lucy Wyndham Read to have lots of good exercises for this (just google Lucy Wyndham Read Lose belly fat), even if you don’t follow the video you may find a new exercise.

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