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Niece crowning gala clash with World Cup!

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heatwave2018 · 04/07/2018 16:48

So I've just been reminded that my niece is getting crowned at a Gala on Saturday (I thought it was next Saturday but it's this Saturday). The crowning is at 3pm but my family won't let me watch the football instead. Is it acceptable not to go to the gala?

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Tomboytown · 04/07/2018 16:55

What's a crowning gala?

heatwave2018 · 04/07/2018 16:56

It's basically when parents bribe teachers so their kids can parade around on a float wearing a crown with other schools doing the same thing, it's a load of showing off nonsense

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ReadingRiot · 04/07/2018 17:02

Oh dear, I expect there'll be no one there, even some of the kids won't turn up. Can you contact the organisers, they may be looking at contingencies?

heatwave2018 · 04/07/2018 17:15

It's been planned for several months and stupid me got my dates mixed up. My sister has got mad at me for saying I’m not gonna attend and lots of people are going to leave early. She has already been asked by several schools if the crowning can be in the morning. She is very angry right now!

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