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Yoga - what do I need?

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JeremyCorbynsBeard · 10/09/2017 20:10

Going to my first ever lesson this week. Can anyone give me advice on what type of mat, what clothes etc? Thanks.

OP posts:
scaryclown · 10/09/2017 20:15

For a lesson, just clothes.. Loose fitting or activewear no trainers, mats and straps usually provided, but sports direct do a god cheap yoga mat

Quickqu · 10/09/2017 20:18

Check if you can use a mat there - it will be better quality than a cheapo one.

I wear leggings, sports bra and vest - tighter fitting better as you don't want to show your tummy when upside down etc

JeremyCorbynsBeard · 11/09/2017 19:57

Thanks all. Will wear leggings and sports bra and vest (complete with bingo wings). Do I need a towel or blanket as I've seen those mentioned on some websites

OP posts:
Bobbiepin · 11/09/2017 20:29

I take a towel if I am borrowing a mat, its good etiquette to wipe it down after. Sometimes I put the towel under my hands for poses like down dog if I'm a bit sweaty as it helps me grip better and hold the pose longer.

JeremyCorbynsBeard · 12/09/2017 08:14

Thanks Bobbie

OP posts:
PebblesFlintstone · 12/09/2017 08:17

If you don't take a blanket, have a jumper or something (and socks) for relaxation at the end as your body cools down quite quickly.

Margomyhero · 12/09/2017 10:14

I do pilates and don't like to have bare feet. So wear the sports socks with grips underneath. I'm not the only one who wears them.

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