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Little baby swimming in East Hampshire?

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Lizzylp · 18/08/2017 13:48

I really want to take my little one swimming (he's 11 weeks) but as he was born premature he's quite small and sensitive to cold. I bought a wetsuit but it's too big for him still.

Does anyone know of a public swimming pool with the required temperature of 32 degrees in East Hampshire? All our local ones seem to have 29 max in their splash pools. We thought maybe hotels but they are mostly members only these days.

Such a shame if we can't find anywhere as he loves water but we don't want to put him off/put his health at risk!


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BoredOnMatLeave · 18/08/2017 13:53

Could you try water babies? Most of their classes are held in more private pools with higher temperature.

Otherwise once he turns 12lb you should be ok in a public pool with a babywarma of similar.

Lizzylp · 18/08/2017 16:06

Thanks, we are going to book lessons, but we were hoping to swim (or at least get in the pool) as a family. 12lb is a long way off for him, he's not 9lb yet 😕

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