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Starting running

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MissMarpling · 20/01/2016 17:46

I would really like to start running. I consider myself reasonably fit-do 7min workout most days and walk to and from work very briskly. I also like to walk for pleasure. Would prefer to do it on my own rather than part of a group.
But I don't know where to start- how far, what shoes.etc? Any tips appreciated

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MissMarpling · 21/01/2016 06:42


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pootlebug · 21/01/2016 06:46

Have a look at couch 2 5k. If it's too easy initially because of the exercise you already do then start part-way through.

BikeRunSki · 21/01/2016 07:16

Definitely try the Couch to 5K. As you start running further, you might want to look into Parkrun.

Basic equipment to start with - good running shoes and a good sports bra. I'd highly recommend getting fitted for both at specialist retailers. Good or badly fitting running shoes or bra will make all the difference to how much you enjoy or dislike running. For shoes, there are different styles for different gaits, shapes of feet, types of running etc and it really is important to have your shoes fitted by someone who does gait analysis (the look at you run on a treasmill). Be prepared to invest at least and hour and £70+. In London "Run and Become" in Victoria are good; in Sheffield "Accelerate" in Attercliffe are excellent. Nationwide "Up and Running" are OK, but I've not had great experience of "Sweatshop/SheRunsHeRuns".

There's a Couch to 5K thread in the exercise topic I think.

Good luck! I have a love - hate relationship with running.

DesertOrDessert · 21/01/2016 09:27

I've just gone back to C25k after a house move and 6 months off.
I didn't repeat the runs 3 times each week until I got to week 5, which in my app has 3 different runs, so I did 1 attempt at week 2, one attempt at week 3, one attempt at week 4, and have just finished the first and second runs of week 5. Highly recommended.
Yes to shoes and bra.

lljkk · 21/01/2016 09:39

Any comfy trainers (not converse style), jog out for 1 mile slow & see how it feels. Build up from there. You need to do it regularly to find it tolerable, once a month is just pain with no gain.
C25k is good, but I hate following directions or rigid routines, so offering an alternative.

MissMarpling · 21/01/2016 17:25

Thank you all-shoes and bra then. Does anyone know done where good for shoes in Cambridge or Norwich?

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lljkk · 21/01/2016 19:11

sports direct in Norwich.

BikeRunSki · 21/01/2016 20:26

I really would not recommend Sports Direct for fitting running shoes. They are not specialists, they are sales people, whose aim is to sell you anything. There are so many types of trainers - not all good for running - that I'd really recommend a running specialist. there's a branch of Up and Running on Trinity St in Cambridge.

lljkk · 21/01/2016 22:15

Does OP really need fitted running shoes when she hasn't even gone out yet to see if she enjoys running, much less wants to do it regularly?

I dunno, most people have trainers already. Maybe worth the bother of special pair for running if you really don't own a single pair atm.

CrazyOldBagLady · 21/01/2016 22:44

I don't think you need to go out straight away and get specialist running shoes for £70+, so if you don't have some comfy trainers already I would start in Sports Direct or JD. For running on concrete paths you need something with good cushioning to absorb the impact, so comfy and squishy is what you are looking for. If you find you enjoy it and want to stick at it, then yes it is a good idea to get some shoes fitted and spend a bit more to protect your feet and suit your running style. Likewise if you decide you want to do trail or fell running later on there are shoes specifically for that that have grip, a lower profile and less cushioning.

Parkrun is free to attend every Saturday and they record your time if you print out your barcode, so you can see how you improve. You can also walk/jog/run at your own pace and no-one minds. It's very well organised and they have many locations up and down the country.

If you are going to run in the evenings I would recommend you get a cheap pair of running tights, light weight rain proof jacket and some sort of reflective band or vest so that oncoming traffic will notice you. A sports bra is a must too. In this weather I just wear a running vest or short sleeved tshirt under a running jacket and I am warm enough (I get VERY hot when I run). When it is bitterly cold you might want to take gloves and a hat too.

To plan a route local to your house you can use a tool like who let you plot out a route on Google maps and measure it in miles or KM. Don't worry if you get out of breath quickly, just have a little breather and walk when you need it. Eventually you will be able to run/jog further before you need to walk, and after a while you will find a comfortable pace and not need to stop much or at all. If you prefer a rigid structure to stick to then couch to 5k will probably suit you too.

There are a few apps you can use on your phone to track your runs like Endomondo or Mapmyrun, these are nice to record your routes and compare how you are improving from one week to the next.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your first run!

CrazyOldBagLady · 21/01/2016 22:49

Oh one more thing that might be useful, if you want to take some water and don't like holding things when you run, you can get bottle holders that fit round your waist really cheaply. They usually come with a water bottle too. I got one from Lidl for a few quid, but there are probably loads on Amazon.

MissMarpling · 22/01/2016 06:43

Thank you crazy. Because trains to cambridge dodgy this weekend think I will end up in local sports direct. Any recommendations for shoes. I have absolutely no idea. Like the idea of being able to track runs.( or what I imagine are going to be walks with a bit of running). Unfortunately will not be able to go to park run but have always been very solitary in any exercise.

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DesertOrDessert · 22/01/2016 08:48

Just remember to buy half a size or a size bigger than you think.
I use map your run to find routes and enter timings. I use the computer at home, but I think you can get it as an appointment for your phone if your phone is up to it. Don't know if it uses data or not tho.
Do you have any trainers at home? Why not use those for the first few weeks, and see if you stick with it before splashing out?

MissMarpling · 23/01/2016 11:36

Now fully equipped and ready to venture out as soon as it gets dark!

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