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Taking 5 Ds's to World cup tips please!!

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worriedmother7787 · 26/09/2015 19:12

So for all theyre birthdays (and christmas) im taking 5 of my sons to the quarter finals of the rugby world cup! They are all aloud to get a shirt (Christmas present) as well. Sons's 2 and 3 want to get the alternate (red) shirt. Where not 100% sure if england will play anyway, no they will :) (They have win the pool) But if they do (or dont) will they look wired wearing alternate kit. Weird question i know! Also any good kinda cheap hotels in London near twickenham. Any good things to do in london (Spending a day in london before!) Any tips on keeping them all together (Theyre 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6) Any other good tips money wise (Where to buy food getting places ect..)
Any ASD tips if im perfectly frank i didnt want to take Son number 3 as he has Autism but he loves rugby and wated to come so im not going to stop him. I have tried to talk about crowds and things but hes just to exicted! Any tips! Thanks
BTW Im the husband of the name above she is helping me with mumsnet lingo though.

OP posts:
QuinionsRainbow · 26/09/2015 20:51

Don't know what it's like around Twickenham, but our experience with the 2007 match in Cardiff was that 6 months before kick-off, we had to look as far afield as Swansea to find a half-decent hotel!
Must say I envy you, but having seen the ticket prices, I think we'll have to stay at home and hope it's on the telly.

worriedmother7787 · 26/09/2015 23:12

Thanks QuinionsRainbow yea if I'm honest I'm not even looking for a half decent hotel just somewhere even if it rubbish! As you said tickets are expensive so yea just somwhere!

OP posts:
MrsLeighHalfpenny · 26/09/2015 23:22

What time of day is the match, and where are you travelling from? You might be better off travelling back out of London a bit for a hotel.

doesn't look likely now that you'll be watching England play though Grin

FanSpamTastic · 26/09/2015 23:34

Have you tried the youth hostels for cheap and cheerful?

worriedmother7787 · 27/09/2015 10:21

Thanks for the advice and yes MrsLeighHalfpenny it dosent look likly, but the DS want to still wear theyre england shirts!!

OP posts:
MrsLeighHalfpenny · 27/09/2015 10:25

Oh definitely. I wear my Welsh shirt whatever teams are playing. That's what makes rugby better than soccer.

QuinionsRainbow · 05/10/2015 13:55

Sadly, MrsLeighHalfpenny was right. Which quarter final are you going to see?

MrsLeighHalfpenny · 05/10/2015 17:03

I'm not going to any, but will watch them all avidly on TV. Have been to several pool matches though.
Come on Wales

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