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sore hip and 5 mile race tomorrow. Please fix me!

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golemmings · 07/11/2014 21:39

Ive pulled something in my hip. Its on the front of my hop but right at the outside. If I stand still and twist my foot Outwards I can feel it pull also standing still and swinging that leg out sideways. My lower back is tight when I lean forwards which I think is related. It is also quite clicky and feels out of place and as though it would be much better if someone just jumped on it to knock it back into position.

I'm currently self medicating with beer which is helping hugely. I cant get a sports massage until a week on monday and I have a 5 mile xc race tomorrow and a 9 mile trail/hill race next weekend.

What is my best way of stretching out tomorrow to minimise the pain and the damage? I cancelled Thursday's run and bailed at 5k on wednesday.

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golemmings · 08/11/2014 07:15

Anybody? I have an hour to sort this out

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