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Mumsnet Fantasy Football

13 replies

PortofinoRevisited · 22/08/2014 22:06

Jeez I had to search to find this topic...

OP posts:
ChatEnOeuf · 23/08/2014 19:33

Toddlers are having a better week this week. Helps that most of them have turned up Wink

PortofinoRevisited · 23/08/2014 21:55

I got 15 points from my 2 Chelsea players then Baines got a yellow card. Humph. Everyone else still to play....

OP posts:
MajesticWhine · 24/08/2014 00:11

That czezney or whatever he's called isn't doing great - might need to drop him

PortofinoRevisited · 24/08/2014 21:56

Ivanovich and Dier have got me most of my points. Cahill is going methinks.

OP posts:
bantamgirl · 25/08/2014 19:40

I wondered where you lot had gone!!

I have three players on team of the week and my score is MASSIVE compared to the weekly average. HUGE improvement on last week :-D

ChatEnOeuf · 26/08/2014 08:50

Good work! The toddlers peaked at half time on Saturday, schoolgirl error sticking an injured Valencia on the bench. Trying to resist the temptation to meddle Smile

HalleLouja · 26/08/2014 08:50

First week and near the bottom. No players in team of the week.

Have mainly got a Man City defence may need to change that going forwards....

HalleLouja · 26/08/2014 08:51

Bought Fabegas, well if Wenger won't someone needed to Grin

Whatsforpudding · 26/08/2014 10:40

Hmmm, now all the players who have disappointed so far are dropping in value. They seemed like such a good idea at the beginning of the season ....

MajesticWhine · 26/08/2014 10:55

Who do you lot support in real life? I am a Liverpool fan, I made the mistake of choosing Liverpool players for my team so now I have a double whammy of suffering an embarrassing 3-1 defeat AND doing badly in the fantasy league.

HalleLouja · 26/08/2014 11:32

Am an Arsenal fan. Have Ramsey as my captain which isn't the worst move ever. Got my DH to sign up to Fantasy football to see how he does versus me Grin

ChatEnOeuf · 26/08/2014 11:37

I'm in a one-on-one league with DH as well :)

I support a number of teams - my local non-league team from my youth, DH's team (SW), my local team from where we settled down (NF), and Manchester United, because my grandparents did. Yet to find our most local team in our new location...

carly7 · 29/08/2014 09:55

I'm a Swansea City fan :D who else?! :D

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