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What item from John Lewis would you love to be gifted this Christmas? £200 voucher to be won

265 replies

BellaMumsnet · 21/11/2022 11:06

Created for John Lewis

The festive season is fast approaching so we want to know: what item from John Lewis would you love to receive from a friend or family member this Christmas and why? Whether it’s a festive dress, a cosy Winter coat or the perfect armchair to complete your living room, share your picks with us.

  • Post a link to your favourite John Lewis item on the thread below for your chance to win
  • One lucky MNer will win a £200 John Lewis voucher

Here’s what John Lewis has to say:
“Known for much more than just those tear-jerking Christmas adverts, John Lewis is a department store that will accommodate all your needs. From home, garden, electricals, beauty, and fashion it's the perfect place to find a special gift for someone, or for yourself.”

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!

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OP posts:
ReedOfFate · 21/11/2022 11:58

Diptyque candles set - they are all gorgeous and a set of different scents would be a massive treat. There’s nothing like a nice candle to say Merry Christmas!

Antaboo · 21/11/2022 12:01
tiddlywinks2 · 21/11/2022 12:10

I have dreamed about owning a kitchen aid. It's never going to happen though. They are beautiful 😬

Elemenohpe · 21/11/2022 12:16

I would love a coat for the school run, its getting cold and wet now.

cataline · 21/11/2022 12:24
JulesJules · 21/11/2022 12:32
I love this cute little radio, it comes in lots of different colours. I think this bright sunburst yellow is my favourite, but the orange would look great in my kitchen too.

LittleMissSunshine2020 · 21/11/2022 13:27

A soup maker! So that I can make my own instead of being lazy and using cans.

Laska2Meryls · 21/11/2022 13:37

Sage combi oven

This Sage Combi oven, is just what I need to save energy this winter and cook fab meals for the family..

I first thought of an airfyer , but this oven does everything an airfryer does and more .. it looks great!😀

Id be so very happy if Santa were to pop this in my (admittedly what would have to be a family sized!) stocking .. Id even be able to make mince pies in it for him and the reindeer next Christmas .....

MapleLeafForever · 21/11/2022 13:38

I'd really like an ipad pro that's big enough to read music on:

PeeJayDay · 21/11/2022 13:52
over50andfab · 21/11/2022 13:54

A Ninja Foodi MAX.
I don't have a fryer, slow cooker or pressure cooker, plus I bake my own wholemeal bread weekly (something I started to do over the pandemic), so the all singing all dancing 15-in-1 750UK including digital cooking probe is on my wish list. It should save on energy bills plus big enough to cook for the freezer.

OneHundredOtters · 21/11/2022 13:57
Gingerbeerfear · 21/11/2022 14:00

Some lovely warm bedding and throws.

RedDwarfGarbagePod · 21/11/2022 14:00

A big, volcanic orange Le Creuset roaster:

There are just so many things that I want to make in it - mostly a MASSIVE LASAGNE, but also roast potatoes, or a gammon, or a really chunky tray bake, or the world's deepest, gooiest brownie - and my other cast iron cookware hasn't ever seen me wrong. Plus, it looks so good in the kitchen, which is lucky because I would have nowhere to put it so it would have to live on the side Grin

Jojoanna · 21/11/2022 14:04
mrshadders · 21/11/2022 14:06
VelvetThunder · 21/11/2022 14:09

A Nintendo switch so we could all play games together. My 6 year old keeps saying she's saving up her money to buy me one so we can play together ❤️

Crucible · 21/11/2022 14:09

I'd have this uplighter for DH because we have it already - but the old version that takes halogen bulbs. He's been trying to replace the bulbs with LED versions but the bulbs look awful and stick out of the top of the lamp. It looks odd, but we still like the lamp itself. So I'd buy the version that's better for the electric bill.

Rainbowshit · 21/11/2022 14:10

What I really want is a new duvet. Ours is ancient and just seems to have got really thin and doesn't keep me as warm as it used to.

DaisyWaldron · 21/11/2022 14:13

I really want this reading support pillow

But would also like one of the herringbone pattern Dreamland heated throws.

Pr1mr0se · 21/11/2022 14:15

I'd love one of these (well two actually!) as it's been on my wish list since May. It would make travelling with the kids so much easier but I just can't justify the price-tag. If JL could provide one then I'd buy the other I need and could go on a family holiday and relax about the airport time.

SavouryFlavour · 21/11/2022 14:17

GIVEN. Jeezo...

immigrant002 · 21/11/2022 14:17

Creed love in white perfume !

inigomontoyahwillcox · 21/11/2022 14:19

I would just love an electric bike. Lung capacity isn't what it was due to scarring after a nasty PE, so I'm relying on my car so much more these days - which I hate (both for health and environmental reasons).

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