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Share your tips on introducing a skincare regime to your DC - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 18/10/2022 08:29

Created for 7th Heaven
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When and how did you introduce your DC to a skincare routine? Did you try to find a product that they loved or did you just try to keep it as simple as possible? We want to know your top tips for finding your DC a skincare regime that they’ll actually follow.

  • Post your tips on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice.

Here’s what 7th Heaven has to say:

“There is no better time to Be Good to Yourself with the latest brand collaboration between UK-based skincare face mask specialist’s 7th Heaven and Mattel’s Barbie™ - promoting wellness and self-empowerment with a pink makeover of the much-loved rainbow brand! The collection consists of three heavenly face masks to foster self-care. The masks are certified vegan and cruelty-free and have been designed to be kind to skin age 8+.”

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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OP posts:
MollyRover · 18/10/2022 08:35

SPF 50, drink 2 litres of water, remove make up. Every single day.

kateandme · 18/10/2022 22:33

Tbh I don’t want to encourage barbie or aged kids to use face masks.they are still too young for that to begin at 8.
freedom from that needs to be for as long as possible.
but we still try to encourage good washing.generally it’s a while teeth and face washing approach.
mand they do love the kiddie specific bottles of wash.
sometimes they need calling and be plonkednin front of a sink of warm water.
don’t make it a thing.then it’s not something they rally against just because that’s what kids do when asked to do something!
doing it together can be helpful.
gettingvthem their own special flannel or towel.

Mbear · 19/10/2022 02:42

I started by offering to wash their face for them - using my (expensive!) stuff. Could then move this onto them trying to do it themselves, which we supervised. Finally I bought them a whole kit of stuff for a Christmas present from the young range of the brand I was using. Still a little bit hit and miss with the frequency, but for the most part it has meant we were up and running before teenage skin started. Still loves the expensive stuff though 😆

CatNamedEaster · 19/10/2022 05:52

Face masks for 8 year olds? FFS.

Similar to pp, SPF on the face and moisturiser on any dry areas to keep eczema at bay. Once he hits puberty I guess he'll need to think about facial skincare a bit more if he gets spots (but I never did as my skin is like sandpaper).

MakkaPakkas · 19/10/2022 08:35

I told them to wash?
Rubbed sun cream on their unwilling little bodies?
Is this what we mean?

BristolMum96 · 19/10/2022 08:49

Teach how to maintain basic hygiene from a tiny age. All the fancy pots and products come in time. My little one just uses a bar of soap and a flannel on their face and body. No need for wild inventions

Treesuphooray · 19/10/2022 09:05

Seriously? Why would anyone need to introduce a skin care routine to their kids?
it’s just goo in pots designed for a misogynistic and consumerist society.
A regular wash with water, bit of soap, that’s all that’s needed.
I’m unpleasantly surprised that Mumsnet is peddling this crap.

MumC2141 · 19/10/2022 10:40

keep it simple. A wash of the face in the bath. They’re not keen on using much and I don’t think children’s skin needs it. Apart from sun cream in sunny weather.

Goingovertosusanshouse · 19/10/2022 10:57

My 10 year old daughter has started to notice a few spots. Over lockdown I developed a decent skincare routine for myself which she loved watching. We talked about the importance of staying hydrated and eating well. Using clean flannels and products suitable for skin type. She also wears sunscreen on her face every day so double cleanses each evening. Flannels are clean each day.

Goingovertosusanshouse · 19/10/2022 10:59

She uses cerave and a Superdrug unscented moisturiser along with la Roche posay sunscreen

StickChildNumberTwo · 19/10/2022 12:25

Moisturiser if they have dry skin, sun cream when needed, other than that just general washing and not getting sucked into the marketing of big companies who want you to spend money on fancy products that make little difference.

SellFridges · 19/10/2022 12:32

We started DD with a teen moisturiser and face wash. When a few pimples do occur we use specific pads to give extra exfoliation and care to those areas.

DD asked, so we provided. We keep encouraging because nobody wants lots of spots and poor skin if it’s solvable.

voyager50 · 19/10/2022 17:22

I cleanse every night, moisturise morning and night and always wear suncream on my face in summer.

picklemewalnuts · 19/10/2022 18:41

Used a simple soap type product, and have handcream/moisturiser in bottles all around the house. It's normal here for people to have a dab of hand cream and pat it on their face before going outside, or whenever they feel a bit dry.

sharond101 · 19/10/2022 20:16

I show them what I do, let them smell products and explain why I use them. If dd has dancing and requires make up we remove it with micellar water and cotton pads. She likes the experience and I will capitalise on that as she gets older.

PAFMO · 19/10/2022 20:22

My daughter started to get oily, hormonal breakouts at around the age of 10 (girls are hitting puberty earlier and earlier so this is to be expected) and it made her miserable.
So, in answer to the soap and water brigade, I helped her not to be miserable by researching (with the help of MN threads as well) what to do about it. The Effaclar range from LRP was the answer, totally transformed her skin.
Later she studied the effects of sun damage at school so asked for facial sunscreen herself. As others have said, it's also important to put decent stuff inside you but tbh, she realised that herself.

wordleaddict · 19/10/2022 20:22

Always said to my now 17 zmyear old DD use as little as possible and avoid foundation. We do have fun occasionally with facemasks, especially sone glittery ones we got in Germany.

Endlesslysurprised84 · 19/10/2022 20:25

No fanfare. No big “chat”. I didn’t want to make skincare seem like a big deal or something to be concerned about.

i bought some organic suitable for sensitive skin face wash and moisturiser and left it on her bedside table with a note that just said “try to wash face every morning with this and the tub in a little
moisturiser. Smells divine. Love Mum! Xxxx”. I got a thanks and a hug

next day I saw it by the sink, and as far as I know - been used every day since

hopezibah1 · 19/10/2022 23:25

As she has hit puberty and started getting pimples, we've started to do the occasional facemask. Moisturing hands is really important as her hands get really dry but doesn't seem to need moisturiser on her face yet. Although she doesn't wash her face daily, we do a warm flannel wash once in a while to help the skin feel nice and clean. So I think at this age it is gradually introducing a few steps and then it will become more of a cleanse, moisturise daily routine within the next couple of years.

ilovebagpuss · 20/10/2022 09:42

Starts out with basic good hygiene washing face with mild soap or face wash.
As my DD's got older and had more skin issues with changes in their hormones we moved to good gentle products that promote clearer skin with good moisturiser after. Not expensive just something like the brand Simple.
I also bought them the washable cleanser pads so they don't use lots of wipes that go into landfill.
There is so much online for them to browse now about skin routines it can get a bit OTT. Just keep it simple with straightforward good quality products.
They do love a face mask if they are having a pamper session.

EerilyDevilled · 20/10/2022 09:51

My two (late teens) show zero interest, anything I buy for them goes unused. Soap, water, flannel. DD uses cleanser on the rare occasions she wears make-up. Neither of them moisturise (neither has dry skin). Mine is fairly low-key too, I never use masks, just cleanse and moisturise.

EerilyDevilled · 20/10/2022 09:52

We do all use a fresh flannel every time though. Keep a huge pile of them in the bathroom.

Gazelda · 20/10/2022 13:50

Simply washing their face and letting them take over when they're old enough. As they reach puberty, introducing them to foaming face wash if their skin becomes hormonal. And a light moisturiser.

I give my DD a pedicure each school holiday (soak feet, polish). I've now introduced a facial (thorough cleanse, massage in a moisturiser) and we call it our spa day. Its a ritual we've done ever since she was about 5 yo. We have spa music, she takes the mickey out of me if I have a facemask, we chat about nonsense and DH keeps well out of the way!

LentilDiet · 20/10/2022 14:46

Mu dd has sensitive skin prone to eczema. Therefore we use products designed for her skin type (rather than going down the route of picking something because packaging is pink and has barbie branding).

Now shes a teen its a mixture of cerave & la roche possay.

BuryingAcorns · 20/10/2022 14:51

Apart from the usual washing with a warm flannel when they werre little, I started once they got signs of puberty at around age 11 - greasy skin, spots and blackheads. I bought them facial gels, rapid action spot zappers and peel off masks for balckheads.

I did it mainly because they are boys and i didn't want them to slide into that habit some teen boys get into of not washing, so I made these rituals seem grown up for them and fun. I also asked their dad to take them out and make an occasion of buying their first razors and shaving foams, choosing a scent they liked etc. and then show them how to shave properly.

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