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What does your child study at school that you’d like to learn more about? Share with the IET for your chance to win a £200 voucher

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LucyBMumsnet · 15/07/2021 09:15

Many parents will recognise feeling out of their depth when it comes to helping their kids with science, technology, engineering and maths homework. In a recent poll of parents with children aged 5 to 13, a third of parents said the mere thought of having to help their children with anything related to these subjects left a third ‘feeling ill’. Half openly admitted they know less about science than their children - and the same goes for technology (44%), engineering (25%) and maths (38%).

The IET is looking to inspire children and their parents to explore the wonderful world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) this summer at their free online Engineering Open House Day (EOHD) live event on Friday 23rd July between 10am and 3pm.

They’ll be showcasing stories and experiments that illustrate why STEM is such a fascinating topic and providing inspiration for the next generation of astronauts, marine biologists, app creators and engineers. All the fun interactive activities, tutorials and experiments will then be available to dip back into throughout the summer holidays on their website.

Here’s what the IET have to say: “Engineering Open House Day aims to help children aged 5–13 year-olds and their parents understand what it’s like to work in STEM by giving exclusive behind the scenes access to a huge range of organisations to demonstrate the breadth of creative and innovative careers on offer. There’s discussions, games, demonstrations and competitions to keep your children entertained for 5 whole hours and more! So in that spirit - and in the hope of giving you some inspiration for conversations with your own DC - we’d love to hear what you’d like to learn more about in the wonderful world of STEM.“

What does your child learn about at school that you’d like to know more about? Are there things you wish you were taught or would like to refresh your memory on? Has the difference between proper and improper fractions escaped you, making maths homework a weekly challenge? Perhaps science was never your strong point but you’d like to understand how the technology we encounter every day really works?

If you need a bit of inspiration, have a look at the list of activities, talks and behind-the-scenes visits taking place for Engineering Open House Day here. There’s something for children (and adults) of all ages and interests, including the opportunity to design and create your own app with Apple and learning how to build and launch your very own rocket.

Everyone who comments on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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OP posts:
TheLovelinessOfDemons · 15/07/2021 10:39

DS2 had number sequences in his maths homework yesterday, I have trouble when there are 2 numbers missing. Luckily, DD2 is a maths genius and explained to me about finding the midpoint.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 15/07/2021 11:18

I'm embarrassed that I know nothing about space and the planets. I don't know how I never learned anything about it at school, not even the order of the planets. I wish I knew something about space.

I'm also finding some of the primary maths a bit challenging despite having an A-level in maths (albeit from a very long time ago)

BristolMum96 · 15/07/2021 13:07

Engineering - I know nothing about the whole subject, was never taught and was never interested enough to find out for myself Blush

NormanSicily · 15/07/2021 14:30

Maths, especially the new methods, vastly different from how I was taught.

PinotAndPlaydough · 15/07/2021 16:14

Coding 100%. I know my kids learn this at school but honestly I wouldn’t have a clue how to help them if they needed it.
I’m also really aware that as technology continues to develop their knowledge will certainly quickly overtake mine, I fact I think my year 4 daughter definitely knows more!

jellybeanpopper · 15/07/2021 16:24

DD can identify flowers and plants which I can't. I grew up abroad and I'm not good at British flowers, plant and birds. I'd love to be able to learn about these so I could go on nature walks with her and not feel out of my depth!

TangledTrees · 15/07/2021 19:46

Environmemtal science topics, so important yet not really taught in the 80s!
The links between biology, chemistry, geography etc are so interesting and relevant.
Also, basic computer science, e.g. how the internet actually works, how coding works and basic coding skills, cryptocurrency (wtf is it and how does it work?) and cyber security.

sharond101 · 15/07/2021 20:56

I'd like to know how to code.

EsmeeMerlin · 15/07/2021 22:52

I sometimes struggle with helping with maths, not because I am bad at maths but simply because the methods my son is taught are completely different to the ones I were taught. Also have zero understanding of coding.

buckley1983 · 15/07/2021 23:35

My son is a maths whizz & at 8, is already better at maths than me! I'd love to learn in the same way that he has just to see if any of the more modern methods would increase my confidence with numbers!
I'd also love to learn history again.. I was never bothered at school, but now it holds me absolutely captivated!

Stormwhale · 16/07/2021 07:14

I really struggle helping my child with maths. My brain just isn't made for numbers post children. I used to be smart, and now it's like my brain has holes in it and the information falls out.

Olympicfan · 16/07/2021 10:52

Another vote for Coding! I have no clue how to help or support DD.

Cotswoldmama · 16/07/2021 13:04

Coding. I keep hearing it mentioned but I have no idea about it!

Hopezibah · 16/07/2021 14:02

I've always been fascinated by space so I would have loved the opportunity to learn more about all things space - lifecycle of a star, black holes, more about different planets and galaxies etc etc. Also love that the kids are learning more about protecting the planet - hope that brings the message home to parents too about what we need to do to prioritise our planet at the moment.

MrsTJOsbornee · 16/07/2021 16:16

My Ds will soon start learning French (year 3). Didn't manage to do it in secondary school many years ago and would like to learn so we can converse and he can practice.

Asuwere · 16/07/2021 16:18

Coding, definitely, most other things I can remember (or can refresh my memory of) but I've never done any coding. I have signed up for an online course but have never found the time to start it.

Obakarama · 16/07/2021 16:59

Would love to know more about Chinese history, which DD is about to study.

voyager50 · 16/07/2021 18:32

I don't know the first thing about coding but I would like to learn the basics even if I never use it

MumC2141 · 16/07/2021 19:17

New methods for teaching maths

emphasisofmatter · 16/07/2021 20:41

Coding! My brain just doesn't work that way and I can't seem to pick up even the basics. My daughter is tech savvy and I'm hoping she will teach me!

CeeceeBloomingdale · 17/07/2021 06:42

I was good at maths at school but the current way of doing certain things has bamboozled me as the methodology isn't remotely similar to how I was taught. I'd love to know the right way to help my DC.

Marmitemarinaded · 17/07/2021 12:40

Long division
Long multiplication

And geography!! Namely capitals!

mayflower21 · 17/07/2021 14:27

I use google lens to identify bugs and flowers and trees when on walks with my daughter. English isn't my first language and I didn't grow up here so it all is new to me

DennisTMenace · 17/07/2021 16:55

The new way of doing maths seems impossible. I can get to the right outcome, but apparently supposed to calculate in a different way that seems much harder to me!

awonderfuladventure · 17/07/2021 18:30

Pretty much everything! Spanish as I never studied it but would love to now. Technology and how things work, how science is used in real life eg creating life saving vaccines!

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