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Have you suffered from postpartum incontinence or bladder weakness? Share your experiences with INNOVO - £200 voucher to be won

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BellaMumsnet · 14/06/2021 10:16

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Incontinence is a common problem for women after giving birth, but very few people talk about it and simply suffer in silence. Living with bladder weakness can feel overwhelming both physically and mentally, affecting everyday tasks. With this in mind, INNOVO would like you to share your own experiences of bladder weakness, to help destigmatise the issue and raise awareness of it, so that others know that they are not suffering alone.

Here’s what INNOVO has to say: “Often thought of as a temporary issue, activities once enjoyed are curtailed or abandoned, and leaks just managed with pads …daily…Forever. I’ve always viewed urinary leakage as an invisible ball and chain for a woman. I see women every single day in my practice and I would encourage you to seek help from your GP, a specialist physiotherapist, talk to the people in your inner circle - you’d be surprised how many people could be suffering too. Try pelvic floor exercises, aka Kegels, but if you struggle to get them right, or still experience leaks, INNOVO can help take the effort and complexity out and help you along the way” Dr Ruth Maher PT, PhD, DPT, MISCP & Co-Inventor of INNOVO.

Were you prepared for the possibility of postpartum incontinence or was it a total surprise? Did you speak to friends about it or seek professional help? Maybe you have tips for managing it, or you found a specific exercise really helped to speed up your recovery? If you’re suffering from bladder weakness currently, are you worried about adapting to normal life and managing leaks while you’re out and about now that lockdown restrictions are easing?

All who post on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Have you suffered from postpartum incontinence or bladder weakness? Share your experiences with INNOVO - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
lillypopdaisyduke · 14/06/2021 12:50

I was not prepared for leaks post partum - and found this very distressing, I wore pads and was recommended pelvic floor exercises which helped massively, but I still have some leakage of wee during the night, it's not a lot, but I can smell this on my pyjamas. Back the the clenching exercises (now 2 years PP)

stressbandit · 14/06/2021 13:14

I did I've found going to the gym really helpful and also pelvic floor exercises. My GP wasn't interested at all.

Sunnyday321 · 14/06/2021 15:47

I am many years post partum and now looking down the eye of menopause now Hmm
I still have occasions of bladder weakness , and unfortunately like another op , my DR wasn't particularly helpful.

Fumnudge · 14/06/2021 16:48

After my first child I had no control at all, urine just fell out of me when I stood up. I was too ashamed to tell this nurses in the hospital but told my midwife when I got home who said it was fine.
6 months of flooding followed, then eventually I got some feeling back.
That was 13 years ago and I still leak a tiny amount constantly, knickers always have a slight waft of urine and I often don't make it to the toilet in time. I change my underwear and even trousers frequently.
Once I have the coil removed post menopause I will treat myself to a kegel machine for sure as home exercises don't seem to do much.
Maybe it's time to stop denying and buy some special underwear.

BristolMum96 · 14/06/2021 17:01

My GP wasn't at all interested in any of my post partum issues. Eventually ended up taking a lot of advice from google and mumsnet!

stillcrazyafterall · 14/06/2021 17:13

Youngest son now 25 and FINALLY I have found a GP who is willing to try and help (female GP funnily enough). Live with Tena Lady and often won't go out unless I know there will be toilets available (or a bush if country walking). Lockdown meant all public toilets closed and my local council are closing them all anyway. Shocking state of affairs and I'm sure that if it were men that suffered with this on this scale something would have been done by now!

Miranda15110 · 14/06/2021 17:36

I was unprepared for the urinary incontinence I suffered following a difficult birth. I had a year of specialist pelvic physio followed by Bulkamid injections and then colposuspension surgery. Finally sorted and no more leaks.

haveibeencaughtout · 14/06/2021 18:02

I'm so so distressed about my mum and her incontinence. I dribble a bit if I've had a large coffee and waited too long to go to the toilet, but my mum just fills her pads. She says she can't really feel it coming out. They're so expensive. She won't go to the doctor. I beg her. She won't. I feel so sorry for her. She's still 20 in her head. She's so bright and brainy and cool... but she wears nappies. The toilet is on the first floor. She just can't make it up there. She lives with me. I wish I could do more for her.

fishnships · 14/06/2021 19:08

I have had to get used to using pads (the washable kind) which at least give a sense of security. Gave up on the Kegel machine, it's put away in a drawer.

lotstolose1 · 14/06/2021 19:15

I always thought of incontinence of something that only happened to old ladies, specifically my nannan. Grin

I've not experienced it really bad PP but definitely had some near misses. I find I can't hold it half as long as I need too anymore. Makes me worried what it'd be like after a second child...

robinsnest1967 · 14/06/2021 19:29

27 years later here and still suffering. The hospital closed my file and said they can't help me, despite many many appointments and letters with a specialist womens gynae physio who basically begged them to help me.

DowntonCrabby · 14/06/2021 19:44

I started to get mild stress incontinence during my second pregancy, aged 28. I went on to have an 11lb baby and haven’t get my pelvic floor really getting back to normal since. It’s been 8 years, lots of pelvic floor exercises and I also tried vaginal weights which did help slightly but only temporarily.
I can walk for miles and miles but any hint of jogging/bouncing/sneezing or coughing and I leak. I believe I have a mild prolapse but just put off having it looked at.
I make a joke of it with friends but it’s such a serious issue for many women.

Ticketybootoo · 14/06/2021 20:01

I had a difficult first birth 18 years ago - in fact when I asked why it what so difficult I was told by a doctor that "childbirth is dangerous business. In Sierra Leone 1 in 7 women die in childbirth and 1 in 7 births result in maternal death!" Wow that shut me up and then my spinal block wore off and I realised how incontinent I was. 7 years later I was told I had suffered an overdistended bladder injury meaning damage to the sphincter in the bladder . I have been told by a physio that I have good pelvic floor muscles and I have had a bladder prolapse repair but still incontinent. I am nearly 53 now - about menopausal and don't think anyone can do anything to help. I have seen x3 urogynae and was advised against the mesh 10 years ago and am glad now - wouldn't want to be dealing with that as well.Apologies for that not being uplifting but it is what it is.

Gazelda · 14/06/2021 20:32

I have mild leakage. It doesn't seem important enough to bother a doctor with. But there's no doubt it affects choices I make - being away from a loo for too long, what clothes I wear etc

MumC2141 · 14/06/2021 20:40

Two large babies and difficult births. I definitely find it much harder to hold on now when I need to go, and have had the odd near miss.

emphasisofmatter · 14/06/2021 21:06

Going through referral from GP to gynaecology physio. Had first appointment via phone and only action going forward was pelvic floor exercises which just do nothing!

JustGotToKeepOnKeepingOn · 14/06/2021 21:10

I leak constantly and whenever I have a cold with a cough I have to wear pads as it's impossible to hold the urine. My Dr wasn't interested- said as it was only really bad when I had a cold I'd be fine once the cold was gone.

I'm not fine. I cannot hold urine. If I want to go I have to go NOW.

I did go to see a consultant but the appointment was a disaster. I was asked if I minded if an IT person was present as the consultant didn't know how to use the system. A nurse came in to get something out of the filing cabinet while I was trying to explain my symptoms. As I couldn't wee enough during the examination I wasn't deemed bad enough. I was totally humiliated and gave up asking for help.

I have accidents all the time. Working from home has been great. I'm not looking forward to going back into the office...

Stopsnowing · 14/06/2021 21:50

I have found a Perifit easy to use and have seen a difference.

Cantstandtherainydays · 14/06/2021 22:35

No one ever mentioned to me the possibility of bladder incontinence after having babies. I personally feel free post natal classes should offered where you can take your baby with you, this used to be the case in some European countries, don't know if it still is.

I'm fine most of the time, unless I have a cough or try to run.

00Alan · 14/06/2021 22:44

I have 2 young children and have suffered with leakage ever since my first diffixult birth. Every time I exercise I leak. Really want to get it sorted but not sure how to go about it.

Eliza34 · 15/06/2021 01:10

Of all the worries that come to mind when having a baby, incontinence wasn't one of them for me. That was until I experienced it after the birth of my baby a year ago. It's very debilitating and distressing. Despite seeing a physio and dr things are still the same. Not going to be offered much treatment until my 'family is complete'.

katmarie · 15/06/2021 06:33

My first birth involved several days of excruciating slow labour which eventually turned out to be due to my bladder not emptying and blocking the cervix. My baby's head was bouncing off my bladder during every contraction, and I believe that did lasting damage. I have suffered stress incontinence ever since, it was horrendous when I was pregnant with my second, and now combined with a prolapse which I haven't been able to face talking to the doctor about, it's had an impact on almost every aspect of my life. I can't just spontaneously run after the kids or jump on the trampoline with them. I have hay-fever and if I feel I am going to sneeze I have to stop, cross my legs and squeeze, or I will leak. After I go to the loo I often leak a little. My sex life is currently non existent because I feel very self conscious about how clean I am down there. I have done thousands of pelvic floor exercises, and they don't seem to have made a difference. However we're still thinking about having another baby, and I just think well whats the point of going through medical treatment, physio, surgery even, and then having another baby and being back to square one. So I live with it. The only warning I had really that having children might leave me incontinent was after the birth of my first when my midwife told me to do pelvic floor exercises because I didn't want to be an old lady who smells of wee.

peridito · 15/06/2021 08:17

My son was born 30 years ago .Difficult birth ,long labour ,high forceps .

I had no idea that incontinence would follow .7 years after birth I had a hysterectomy ,a prolapse sorted and mesh .Referral was straightforward .I'm horrified at reports on here of disinterested GPs .

I'm now getting into urge incontinence and know that I have another prolapse . Not much fun .

voyager50 · 15/06/2021 08:27

I really hate that I can leak when I sneeze or don't quite make it to the toilet in time when I am desperate to go - I never used to have problems.

peridito · 15/06/2021 08:31

I hated it when I got into bed with my 3 year old to read him a story and he said "Mummy you smell funny " Sad

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