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Mumsnet users share their thoughts on the return to school with INEOS

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LucyBMumsnet · 27/08/2020 15:45

This sponsored discussion is now closed. Thank you to everyone who posted on the thread.

Up and down the country, parents are polishing school shoes and getting school bags ready in preparation for sending their children back to school. For many, the return to school this year is likely to result in mixed feelings: whether that’s relief that you no longer need to home educate or anxiety about what it might mean. With this in mind, INEOS want to hear more about your thoughts and feelings about sending your children back to school.

Here’s what INEOS have to say: “Going back to school in 2020 is going to be a bit different - with more emphasis on hygiene, social distancing and keeping safe. INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser contains 75% high purity hospital grade ethanol and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It has given confidence to thousands of frontline medical staff and care providers, and now offers that same level of protection to you and your family, at home, travelling to and from school and beyond. INEOS would love to hear your thoughts on your children returning to school.*”

How do you feel about sending your children back to school? Do you feel differently now that they've returned? Are you looking forward to getting back into the school routine? Has adapting been easy so far? Perhaps you’re feeling sad about spending less time with your children? Or excited about having time to yourself again? Is this the first year that hand sanitiser has made your list of essential back to school supplies? How are your children managing now they've returned?

Whether you’re feeling excited, relieved or slightly apprehensive, share on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


Insight Terms and Conditions apply

*Use sanitisers carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Mumsnet users share their thoughts on the return to school with INEOS
OP posts:
sheilads105 · 27/08/2020 17:07

My kids are going back to secondary school. I am relieved that masks are now to be worn. I'm not so much worried about them catching Coronavirus as the potential transmission once home. They know about hand washing & social distancing but I am still wary. I worry more for the teachers really.

Hugepeppapigfan · 27/08/2020 17:10

I’m a teacher and a parent. I’m so pleased my child is going back to school in lots of ways but I’m very worried because I know the reality of how the safety measures are nothing more than window dressing and won’t make her safer squashed into a class of 30 children with poor ventilation and staff with no protection.

LulworthBlues · 27/08/2020 18:30

I did not realise until we were in this situation just how important social contact with children of a similar age is. My DC will be returning to school as I consider the benefits to outweigh the risks

doctorboo · 27/08/2020 18:51

My children go back on the 7th and I do too as I’m a TA. My hours are actually being increased to cover the need for ‘bubble’ staff. The children are very keen to go back and see their friends within their class bubbles. Myself and the other staff are going to do our very best to adhere to all the news rules and keep the children safe in school - obviously staff can’t do anything once the children leave the school grounds, the same can be said about my colleagues(!), but I’ll do my best as I don’t want a winter scared of every sniffle or another quarantine.

Ashhead24 · 27/08/2020 19:12

My DC is just starting school, but has only managed 6 days of nursery since March, so am desperate for them to go back, they really need the social contact.

voyager50 · 27/08/2020 19:39

I am pleased that we can get back to something that resembles a normal life and routine again after all this time and so is he.

We have always used hand sanitiser so nothing has changed for us in that regard.

Backhometothenorth · 27/08/2020 21:37

It's so important for children to be back at school. Benefits far outweigh risks.

MumC2141 · 27/08/2020 21:51

Really glad they’re going back. Just a bit worried that this year is still going to be quite disrupted with repeated periods of isolation required for one reason or another.

MeMeMeYou · 27/08/2020 22:01

Right now I’m thinking most about complications with buses for my secondary aged child. The new staggered start time and not being allowed in early but not to be late means she’ll be waiting in a park for 25 mins before school every day.

I worry about my kids catching it and giving it to their grandparents and making them very ill. Or us not seeing much of them as they’re very nervous and cautious. I think children catching it in classrooms of 30 is likely at some point.

PickAChew · 27/08/2020 23:59

It's going to be nigh on 6 months by the time my youngest gets back to his special school. Can't blooming wait.

DollyPartons · 28/08/2020 00:13

I'm worried for the vunerable. They won't be sheilding or sheilded, so more at risk than the beginning.

BillywilliamV · 28/08/2020 06:51

DD back today! Just very, very pleased and excited!

BristolMum96 · 28/08/2020 11:14

I am a little concerned about COVID-19 but not as concerned as my child missing more schooling so although not fully relaxed, I am happy to send them back

greengreengrass14 · 28/08/2020 13:01

what do I do about the lunch box

Asuwere · 28/08/2020 13:42

My DC have been back for a couple of weeks; it's great for them to be almost back to normal and socialising with their friends. I'd never used hand sanitiser before but did put some in their bags this year, although I've still told them it's an extra as washing with soap and water is much better.

PurpleMustang · 28/08/2020 14:48

My son is about to start Yr 10. He has missed school and says its not the same doing online learning. He has missed all his friends and the social aspects of school. I am just hoping that he is able to get through the next 2 years and his exams without too much disruption. And really do hope there is no need for them to wear masks when they are already now going to be pinned to one classroom all day

UnicornsForLife · 28/08/2020 16:20

I will be glad for my dd to be back at secondary school. I think she missed the social contact with her friends. I also don't want her to miss anymore of her education.

PashleyB · 28/08/2020 17:14

I am glad the children are going back as it will be really good for them both socially as well as emotionally as the routine is so important. I know the school is being very vigilant on hand washing so I expect that to continue

Nodney · 28/08/2020 17:55

I have children in both primary and secondary and I am more worried about my secondary child. He is asthmatic and on a steroid inhaler but not bad enough asthma to shield, apparently. He will be in corridors built in 1940 for a lot less children than there are now. The washing facilities are inadequate for the number of children but the school has no money to improve them. Welcome to 21st Century Britain. Our governments should hang their heads at a very underfunded sector.

WhatILoved · 28/08/2020 18:27

My son was able to go back to school for 3 weeks before the holidays but they didn't really do any proper work. I'm excited for all those returning to school as I feel the socialisation is good for their mental health. I'm a bit worried that with distancing measures their time outside won't be as great as they cannot use all the playground. I personally think they should increase pe lessons. My sons have had extended exercise over summer and lockdown and I think they will struggle to be sedentary again!

Realitea · 28/08/2020 18:51

I feel really strange about it. I'm happy for my daughter to be going back as she needs the routine, socialisation, exercise, education.. I just hope it doesn't result in her catching the virus or passing it on to us. Before the schools closed, she came home with sore red hands from all the hand washing. I think the virus is probably airbourne too so I hope the classroom is well ventilated.
I think I will just hope for the best. I haven't said I'm worried to her, I'm keeping it as positive as I can.

vickibee · 28/08/2020 19:55

I am over the moon for my son to be returning on 4th September. He is asd and relies on structure and routine. He has really struggled with lock down and the demands of home learning. He will find the new way of doing things hard to get used to. He is anxious about returning became he knows he has fallen behind. I am hoping school will have lots of support in place for him as well as a long overdue annual review.
The risks of thd virus are small compared to the damage to our youngsters well-being

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 28/08/2020 20:09

I can't wait for school to start. I'm concerned that we will spend a lot of time self isolating as children catch colds or someone in the class gets covid, but they need to be in school.

HaloeVera · 28/08/2020 21:50

Really worried. I don't think the government gives a stiff about state schoolchildren and I think this is all going to go horribly wrong for some people and there will be chaos for quite some time. The mixed messaging and I turns have been horrible and a lot of teaching professionals are fuming. School is going to be a pretty poor learning environment. I would rather they worked out, and the government funded, good online learning. .

MiniTheMinx · 28/08/2020 22:14

I feel I have no choice but send DS in. He is in his final year. However I suspect his final year and perhaps even his GCSE exams will be disrupted. I'm not hopeful for either his education, his welfare or the outcome in terms of community health. In a few weeks I think we will be finding out what home learning provision there is, not through choice but necessity.

If he were not taking GCSEs this year or next I would have opted to home educate.

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