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What are your packing tips when on UK holiday - Share with Parkdean Resorts

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YanaMumsnet · 24/06/2020 14:32

Packing days in advance or running on long to-do lists - we parents have our tricks to get everything we need when organising the family trip. From ensuring you pack waterproofs so you can get outside no matter the weather, to getting food and games to keep everyone happy and entertained throughout the journey, packing for a holiday in the UK could be an exhausting task.

That’s why Parkdean Resorts want to hear about your tips and tricks when packing for your family getaway in the UK.

Here’s what they have to say: “We are the UK’s largest Holiday Park operator with 67 locations in some of the most stunning coastal, countryside and lakeside locations, from the impressive Scottish Highlands to the sunny South Coast.

After over three months of lockdown, we are so excited to re-open our holiday parks this summer and show just how much the UK has to over for a family staycation, allowing you to enjoy these wide open spaces and time with your family.

Choose from a huge range of caravans and lodges, including extra wide accommodation, perfect for families and packed with everything for a stress-free holiday. Dog friendly options mean you can bring the whole family too! For a touch of adventure, you’ll find a variety of pitches whether you’re camping in a tent, or pitching up a touring caravan or motorhome.

For your peace of mind, we have made commitments to protecting our holidaymakers, people and local communities for a safe stay, whilst also introducing a booking guarantee, giving you the confidence to book a much deserved holiday.“

What are your family’s packing essentials and your must haves when travelling together in the UK? How do you keep your DC entertained while in the car on your journey? Are there any items you find you never or rarely use while away? What are your tips for ensuring you have everything you might need while travelling in the UK? Do you have a favourite time of the day to travel and get on with your journey, why is that?

Whatever the things that you pack when on family holiday in the UK, share on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!
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What are your packing tips when on UK holiday - Share with Parkdean Resorts
What are your packing tips when on UK holiday - Share with Parkdean Resorts
What are your packing tips when on UK holiday - Share with Parkdean Resorts
OP posts:
Stovokororbust · 24/06/2020 16:23

Take your own pillows - we take all the duvets etc but if space is limited just pillows is ok - it's amazing how a strange pillow can stop you sleeping on holiday. Lots of bin bags for wet beach things. And plenty of chargers for the devices - "My phone is out of battery!" 3 times a thanks!

dadshere · 24/06/2020 16:36

Pack your swimming costumes and towels last so that they are at the top. When we go away, the first thing we want to do is hit the water!

lindauk5 · 24/06/2020 17:02

I've always found packing a travel bag for my daughter so she has some new and exciting toys or sticker books to play with when travelling helps limit the crys for the tablet.

BristolMum96 · 24/06/2020 18:00

Definitely start a list a week or so before, then check off as you pack.

Dangermouse80 · 24/06/2020 21:28

Roll all clothes up so no crinkled clothes on arrival. Pack a day bag for the journey, load up some new apps / games for the journey and lots of snacky food.

Ostanovka · 24/06/2020 21:32

Turkish towels are a good size but roll up small, and can be used for lots of things. Take multiple swimsuits - don't want to be putting a wet one back on!

YesIDoLoveCrisps · 25/06/2020 07:57

Write a list for each person and tick it off as you pack it. So you don’t get there and realise you didn’t put something essential in.
I pack a backpack for me to carry instead of my handbag that’s got plasters, some cash, phone charger (emergency sweets 🙂) etc in. It’s got a hidden pocket for the passports and important things so I keep my eye on it all times.
I get my children to pack a small backpack each that they carry so they get used to doing it and soon learn not to pack things they don’t need or heavy stuff as they have to carry it.
I actually love packing!

fishnships · 25/06/2020 11:47

Leave packing the clothes until a day or two before to avoid creases.

Mummyongin · 25/06/2020 11:51

Order a click and collect shop for the supermarket nearest your destination to pick up food, snacks and drinks etc for arrival day.

Pelleas · 25/06/2020 12:12

Have a core list of items that you always need to pack/do before going on holiday saved as an Excel document - just add any extra items for a particular holiday before you print it off. This saves writing a list every time and wondering if you've remembered everything. Use headers for different people/seasons/scenarios to make it even easier, e.g. if you have a section for 'dog' you can cross it out if the dog isn't going with you this time; your summer items such as beach stuff can be crossed off for a winter holiday.

Hopezibah · 25/06/2020 14:49

We have a "master list" saved to the computer which we print out and use as a starting point adding things that we remember in the days before we go away. Things like sunlotion and wellies are a must in the UK because you never know what the weather will be like! I'll always remember the time we all had to buy coats on holiday because the weather had been so warm the week before that we hadn't packed any coats so we were all getting so cold when the weather turned! One of my top tips is if the kids are old enough to help, tell them to get the right number of pants and socks and put them on your bed ready to pack. That way even if anything else is forgotten everyone should have enough clean underwear (and yes we did learn this lesson the hard way!)

Howcanwehelp · 25/06/2020 14:55

Preparation is key. Cases and lists out 2 weeks before the holiday and the nice holiday clothes put in as they come through the wash. Make sure all toiletries are in bags in case of seepage (I tend to pack a shampoo /conditioner and shower gel we will all use to save space). If self catering take bits from your kitchen (tea towel, kitchen roll, washing up liquid) if travelling by car. Pack swimming stuff on top and make sure if fits your dc (last year I got it wrong and only found out in the pool!). Car snacks in the car to be dished out on long journeys and water bottles for the children to help save mess. Remember it's meant to be fun so lower standards and enjoy it.

AngelwingsPetlamb · 25/06/2020 14:55

What are your family’s packing essentials and your must haves when travelling together in the UK?
Sun lotion and sun hats, water bottles and cool bags

How do you keep your DC entertained while in the car on your journey?
In car DVD player and cool bag of snacks, drinks and sandwiches.

Are there any items you find you never or rarely use while away?
Hairdryer and make up

What are your tips for ensuring you have everything you might need while travelling in the UK?
Make a list and double check it. I once arrived on holiday with my dc and husband to find that I had not packed any clothes at all for my dc. A quick shopping trip to George at Asda had to be done.

Do you have a favourite time of the day to travel and get on with your journey, why is that?
Early morning so we can get some traveling done before rush hour begins.
I’ve tried night drives and they are quicker but I hate getting out of bed at 0200

sadscorpion · 25/06/2020 14:57

During the journey we like to play family games to keep kids entertained and lots of snacks for long journeys.
We always take ready to eat or home cooked meals with us as we have some dietary requirements. Towels, bedding and pillows are always must have.

SeasonallySnowyPeasant · 25/06/2020 15:02

For family holidays, I make a spreadsheet with everything each person needs at least 2 weeks in advance so I can buy anything we don’t have. The day before we go, I print out the spreadsheet and then tick it off as it goes into the suitcase.

If it’s just me, I travel for work quite a lot so just grab what I need and pack the night before. It’s usually hand luggage only so I stick a fold-away bag with anything I might need during the flight into my laptop bag and put my passport and boarding pass into the top compartment of my wheelie suitcase so it’s easily accessible.

Ashhead24 · 25/06/2020 21:53

Best thing about a UK holiday is you can fill the car to the brim with anything and everything. Pillows, toys, books, dressing gowns, anything else that you fancy that you wouldn't take on an airplane. It makes it more homely when you're away. Holdalls and even carriers fit better than cases for this.

Snacks and tablets are vital for the kids, along with planned breaks if necessary. But they're generally happy to chat and look out the windows too.

voyager50 · 26/06/2020 11:02

I always write a list of what everyone needs to take so that nothing is forgotten - they can be crossed of as we pack them.

I always get them to do the I-spy books on the car journey and we have sign long playlists.

NudgeUnit · 26/06/2020 12:44

Empty plastic bags. For dirty laundry, wet things, anything that breaks, spills or consists of small parts, for beach finds and found souvenirs, the list goes on and on. And for being sick into (or clutching nauseously just-in-case) on long car journeys.

Barbararara · 26/06/2020 13:00

Put T-shirt, shorts and pants together, roll up and secure with an elastic band. Even the smallest dc can grab a roll and dress themselves without constant cries of “mum where’s my -???” This works particularly well for camping trips or anywhere that space is limited.

If you’re travelling by car, instead of bags and suitcases, pack everything into shopping bags, and the type of laundry baskets that fold flat and pop up. They’re squashy enough for the boot of the car and you can use them as laundry baskets. Then just pop in the car to go home with no extra packing required. They also make great ball hoops for dc to play with. Shopping bags always come in handy too but no one needs the hassle of storing a suitcase if they’re not flying.

Teaspoon74 · 26/06/2020 15:18

Pack early and make sure snacks and toys and DVDs for the journey are the last things in!
And if staying in a hotel/breaking journey when en route somewhere, always pack an emergency bottle of wine and corkscrew!

Needtolovemyself · 26/06/2020 17:35

Pack the swimwear and towels in a separate bag along with some cash for drinks / an ice cream so you can leave the unpacking til later.

Take a spare duvet / pillow to snuggle on the sofa as a family - also useful if someone falls ill.

Take a great game or two, bat and ball plus an age appropriate quiet time activity.

Download favourite films / tv shows on a tablet - Wifi may be expensive, reception patchy or non existent.

Create a master tick list on a spreadsheet for all items to take

Pack a sharp knife, chopping board and wooden spoon. These are often missing or inadequate. If you’re taking a packed lunch, use plastic tubs, they come in handy for leftovers. Use refillable drinks water bottles.

Punkatheart · 26/06/2020 17:46

Roll never fold, take a bin bag for dirty clothes, spare loo roll (just in case), washing up sponge, tea towel and rubber gloves if you are self-catering as this are rarely provided, bottle opener.

ScorpionQueen · 26/06/2020 20:56

I always pack a kitchen box. I don't self cater every meal, it's my holiday too, but I don't want to buy herbs, spices and other basics that I can bring from home. I also pack a couple of decent knives and a baking dish for pasta bake.

buckley1983 · 27/06/2020 00:19

I always write a list re: packing, but inevitably forget something important everytime.. no underwear for my son, no socks for me, the toothbrushes left by the sink at home.. there's always something!! My tip is to not get too het up about forgetting bits & bobs.. I've learnt that the hard way :) If you an, get someone else to help you do a verbal double check before leaving!
To keep us all occupied on the journey - we play the car reg came - take the first & last letters of the reg plate of the car in front of you/coming towards you & try & think of a famous person with that name.. that usually takes up a good hour! Audiobooks are another great way to entertain all passengers (& grab a kip!). Bring plenty of snacks & maybe a quiz book if anyone complains of being bored.
We like to travel later afternoon/evening - that way LO usually sleeps on the journey there, we all hit the hay on arrival & wake up refreshed & ready to start having fun!

Mayflower400 · 27/06/2020 09:56

A packing list! Make sure you’ve got suncream too.

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