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Let’s talk oral care routines with Listerine®

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EllieMumsnet · 04/06/2019 10:32

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Looking after your teeth is an important part of everyone’s hygiene routine, it’s something that is drilled into us from a very young age. From ensuring you don’t eat too many sugary foods to flossing, there can be a lot of aspects to oral care, which is why Listerine® would like to know all about your oral care routine.

Here’s what Listerine® have to say: “In a modern age of increasingly busy lifestyles and diary-filled days it’s easy to neglect things like oral health. Whether it’s healthy foods or sweet treats that you enjoy the most as snacks, tucking into acidic or sugary food and drink weakens your teeth enamel. While brushing does help to take care of your oral health, brushing just your teeth only targets 25% of your mouth*, Listerine® mouthwash targets virtually 100%.

New Listerine® Nightly Reset mouthwash is scientifically proven to remineralize enamel for 6x stronger teeth versus brushing alone**. The mild “Midnight” flavoured formula boasts a high level of fluoride which restores weakened enamel and resets your whole mouth; a key step in your oral care regime.”

How long do you brush your teeth for? Do you use mouthwash? Have you had any oral care issues in the past? Do you try to limit the amount of fizzy drinks and sugar in your diet to help look after your teeth? What about the dentist, are you someone who never fails to miss an appointment or are you more of an as-and-when type of person? What type of toothpaste do you prefer? Do you always remember to brush your tongue too?

Whatever your tips, tricks and oral care routines are, post them on the thread below and everyone who does will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 VEX Gift Certificate which can be redeemed for any voucher on the voucher express website.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

*From study representing teeth surface area measurements
**in a lab study UK/LI/19-13725b

UK residents only, 18+. Must be a registered member of Mumsnet/Gransnet. Enter from 10:00am on 04/06/19 to 5:00pm on 25/06/19. To participate, post a comment related to oral care on this thread below. Only 1 entry per person. Prizes: 1 x £300 VEX Gift Certificates exchangeable on Prize is subject to voucher express T&Cs. Full T&Cs can be found here. Promoter: Mumsnet Limited of Studio 13-16 Deane House Studios, 27 Greenwood Place, London, NW5 1LB, GB

Let’s talk oral care routines with Listerine®
OP posts:
BristolMum96 · 04/06/2019 14:31

I currently work in the dental industry, patient facing. I brush my teeth for as long as it takes, I don't think 2 minutes is adequate. Various size tepes afterwards. Don't use mouthwash but not against it as long as it's at a different time to brushing (fluoride is higher in toothpaste, don't rinse that away!). I'm mindful of my diet and to date haven't needed any dental work.

DaisyDando · 04/06/2019 14:45

My teeth are packed together pretty tightly so I have to use dental floss picks rather than the normal dental floss. Even then, I can snap the floss quite easily. I have learnt not to scrimp on the brand and take advantage of 3 for 2 offers so that I can stock up.
I rely on my electric toothbrush to let me know when the two minutes is up. I also have a normal non-electric toothbrush so that I can give my tongue a good brush.
I am a bit too fond of sweets but am looking to improve my oral hygiene!

DinosApple · 04/06/2019 16:20

I love my electric toothbrush, it times two minutes for me, I usually spend longer though as I have had problems with my gums before. I also use the tiny flossing brushes and mouthwash. You only get one set of adult teeth after all!

shumway · 04/06/2019 16:23

I don't think I've ever brushed my tongue. Is that a thing? I brush twice a day. I don't use mouthwash apart from very occasionally if my gums are sore.

PenguinsRabbits · 04/06/2019 16:57

I don't normally brush my tongue. Use mouthwash occasionally, prefer milder ones but not always obvious how strong they will taste. Have an ASD son who hates mint taste and very difficult to get non-mint toothpaste in with adequate flouride, got Silly Strawberry in end, sometimes had to get shipped from US. He loved that name too.

No dental issues as adult.

DoneLikeAKipper · 04/06/2019 17:10

Have to take extra time taking care of my teeth since having children, certainly found I’ve had more gum issues post-birth. I’ve had to get over my dentist fear pretty sharpish, as all the brushing, mouthwash and flossing can’t fix any issues that might need professional intervention sooner rather than later.

Tabitha40 · 04/06/2019 18:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn - posted on wrong thread.

lovemyflipflops · 04/06/2019 18:18

I brush my teeth, roof and tongue, I have suffered from bleeding gums for years even though I did this twice a day, plus flossing.
The I was recommended interdental flossers - my bleeding gums cleared within a week. Your teeth are so important for your smile, we need to look after them.

janney3 · 04/06/2019 18:20

Wait 15 minutes after breakfast before cleaning teeth then leave as long a gap as possible before eating or drinking again.

Tanfastic · 04/06/2019 18:37

I visit the dentist twice a year, brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush and very occasionally floss. I use mouthwash now and again between cleans. I haven't had any dental work for over 25 years so must be doing something right.

MakeTeaNotWar · 04/06/2019 18:44

I brush twice a day using an electric toothbrush, 2 mins each time. Not always but I often then follow up with teepee picks or interdental brushes then swish my mouth out with Flourigaurd - I have receding gums so my hygienist recommended this brand. I see my dentist for 6 monthly check ups and the hygienist for a clean 1-2 a year

Bigsighall · 04/06/2019 18:47

Brush at least twice a day for 2 mins (I think over brushing is an issue?) and then use the puffa flosser!
Don’t really use mouthwash and my dentist advised some are bad for your teeth...

Thelineisadottoyou · 04/06/2019 19:58

I have recently had my braces off and can finally get all my teeth clean! It feels amazing! I brush using an electric toothbrush twice a day and use the mild purple listerine after brushing. I floss religiously every night and use the little christmas tree flossers for the bigger gaps.
I used to be terrified of dentists but by having to go constantly for my braces the fear has gone completely- I actually look forward to a scale and polish now Blush

Noonemournsthewicked · 04/06/2019 20:01

Need to see the dentist but I have sensitivity and gum recession and am scared of the pain. I think we should have 3 sets of teeth rather than 2. These have to last us 70+ years and that seems a big ask.
I brush using an electric toothbrush and remember to leave a break before mouthwashing but I also drink one can of diet coke a day. I tried to kick the habit for lent but didn't manage it and its creeped back in.
I'd love to afford brand new teeth and gums.

Fleabagging · 04/06/2019 20:07

As I’ve got older - and my teeth have got greyer and even more crowded Grin - I’ve become a lot more conscientious about oral hygiene. I use an electric toothbrush, tongue scraper and dental floss daily. I’m also a bit paranoid about having bad breath so use a mouthwash, drink plenty of water and chew gum after meals.

crosser62 · 04/06/2019 20:09

Brush twice a day, use toothpaste and I use floss.
I am almost 50, have all my own teeth and I have one baby tooth still in there which my dentist comments on every time I go every 6 months.
I do not have any crowns, caps or fillings, not one.

I work in the medical field and I am regularly flabbergasted by the number of small children (think age 2,3,4,5,6) who come in for a general anaesthetic for the removal of 5,6,7,8 rotten teeth.
Parents waiting eagerly for them to be wheeled back, mouth full of holes and blood.. with bottles of full sugar coke to “bring them round” after the anaesthetic.


nothingtowearever · 04/06/2019 20:15

Brush for 2 mins twice a day with electric toothbrush. Floss and tepe. I do have a fizzy drink a day. Go to the dentist regularly. Don't like gritty toothpaste like the oral b one I like a fresh minty one and never brush my tongue!

fishnships · 04/06/2019 20:34

I prefer charcoal toothpaste - I remember being quite shocked when I opened it and saw that it was black (marketed as a tooth whitener?!) but it does seem to clean well. Also, having reduced my sugar intake for the sake of my health it is so nice not to have a constant craving for sugar anymore, which means that my teeth are healthier too Smile

MrsFrTedCrilly · 04/06/2019 20:44

Use an electric toothbrush twice daily for as long as I need to. I’m not keen on the taste of lots of mouthwashes but occasionally use one

doctorboo · 04/06/2019 21:03

I got to 36 years old before I had any issues regarding oral health, which I have been told is due to my recently diagnosed autoimmune issues. I now have weakened enamel, Periodontal disease and a small cavity(!) which I am dealing with by:

• Using my Oral-B electric toothbrush for 2 minutes, twice a day, often at midday too before I do the nursery pick up. I also brush my tongue and roof of my mouth too.

• Using corsodyl mouthwash am and pm after brushing.

• seeing the dentist every 3 months while my mouth is being a pain in the butt.

• Due to the enamel issues I have to use sensitive toothpaste, but I’m not loyal to a specific brand - they cost a lot and I go for what’s on offer.

• I don’t eat or drink lots of sugary junk food/drink, but I don’t avoid it as such to help my oral hygiene. The odd burger or fizzy drink isn’t going to do more damage than what my body is already doing to itself.

I miss my teeth from 9 years ago!

cornflakes5 · 04/06/2019 21:15

I always brush twice a day, and do this for my 1-year old too. I don't always use mouthwash though - I thought that was bad as it washed away the fluoride in the paste?

My top tip for helping babies brush is to make it fun. We have a little song we've made up, and she also likes to help me brush by holding the electric toothbrush for me.

PennyStocks · 04/06/2019 22:31

I've never used mouthwash in my life and I don't intend to start now. You might as well gargle with surgical spirit. And no one normal brushes their tongue. Here's some sensible input on the subject:

TheMarbleFaun · 04/06/2019 23:02

Making a mental note to add in flossing twice a day as I am very bad at it!
Just had my twice yearly scale & polish so I'm planning on taking extra care on brushing

keepingbees · 04/06/2019 23:12

I don't time my brushing but I'm sure it's longer than 2 minutes. I always brush at least twice a day, often more after meals. I floss occasionally and don't usually use mouthwash.
I have an incredibly sensitive mouth and I react to many toothpastes and mouth washes. I use Colgate sensitive toothpaste normally as my teeth are sensitive and I know it doesn't cause a reaction. I use a very soft brush as my dentist said I have slightly receding gums.
I'm mid thirties and have never needed any dental work or fillings. I see the dentist annually.

Mammatron · 04/06/2019 23:31

Electric toothbrush definitely! I religiously use mine every day and follow up with mouthwash/ floss (even with an electric brush it's amazing what gets left behind!) I never need a scale and polish and my dentist always compliments my brushing (he says I'm too old for a sticker though Hmm!)

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