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Mumsnet users share which Mr. Men character they would be

134 replies

EllieMumsnet · 09/08/2018 10:32

This activity is now closed

To celebrate the publication of Walter the Worm - a brand new Mr. Men story - Walter has been digging holes all over the site and popping up in random places for you to try and find him. Follow the clues below and if you manage to find Walter, post the URL of the page you found him on this page here and you will be entered into a prize draw to be in with a chance of winning a £100 gardening voucher + a Mr. Men goodie bag.

Here are the clues:
- Looking for a recipe for something sweet? A cake or biscuit, whatever you want to eat
- Children moaning that they’re bored? Find their next pageturner, Mumsnet assured
- If you need some info on man’s best friend, some time here is what you should spend
- Come join your fellow greenfingered mums, for gardening tips, advice and fun
- Are you planning a holiday in a tent? To this talk board, you should be sent
- Love Island, Eastenders or maybe Corrie, there’s a thread for everything, don’t you worry

We’re also offering you the chance to win an additional £150 voucher, by commenting on the thread below what Mr. Men or Little Miss character you would be. Are you Mr. Happy? Or maybe you’re more of a Little Miss Busy? Perhaps you’re Little Miss Sunshine some days and then Mr. Quiet on other days?

Whatever Mr. Men character you would be comment on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £150 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Have fun finding Walter the Worm!

Thanks and good luck

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Mumsnet users share which Mr. Men character they would be
OP posts:
PickwickThePlockingDodo · 09/08/2018 13:32

I'd be Mr Greedy because I'm a greedy moo I love food Grin

MaureenMLove · 09/08/2018 13:36

Oh, I found him.

I am definitely Little Miss Tidy and Little Miss Busy at the moment. It's the school holidays and I am clearing & cleaning absolutely everything. I've been to the charity shop God knows how many times, returned thinsgs to people, given things to people, Ebayed, Shpocked. My dustbin is over flowing and my recycling boxes are out of control!

Next week, it's the loft, so I could probably do with DH being Mr Tickle, for the longs arms or actually, just Mr Mo, because I've just seen there is a Mr Mo! Grin

qate · 09/08/2018 14:59

I think I'd be Little Miss Chatterbox!

abitoflight · 09/08/2018 16:33

Mr Tickle without doubt
Would be so so handy to have arms that can reach upstairs Smile

TARNYS · 09/08/2018 17:19

My Bump my childhood character. I am like him always bumping into things.

PorridgeAgainAbney · 09/08/2018 19:30

I think there is a Little Miss Scatterbrain....but I can't bloody remember anything these days Grin.

Fingermoose · 09/08/2018 19:56

Found him and entered. I'd be Mr Chatterbox because of my endless nervous withering!

asuwere · 09/08/2018 22:03

I'm definitely Little Miss Scatterbrain :)

boptanana · 09/08/2018 22:26
Little Miss Contrary!

del2929 · 09/08/2018 22:29

little miss sunshine i think

buckley1983 · 09/08/2018 22:49

Here's where I spotted the little chap..
Ashamed as I am to admit it, I would be Little Miss Late! Blush

ButterflyOfFreedom · 09/08/2018 23:04

I like to think I'm Little Miss Sunshine Smile

ButterflyOfFreedom · 09/08/2018 23:05
MrsFrTedCrilly · 10/08/2018 02:44
I think I should be Mr Greedy, I may have just finished the children’s Haribo Grin

Haggisfish · 10/08/2018 03:27 I would be mr grumpy. These beans are cheap!!

LadyFuchsiaGroan · 10/08/2018 08:32

Found him and entered.

Think I would be Mr Worry. I over think everything and spend way too much time thinking about things that won't even happen.

sarat1 · 10/08/2018 09:35

Definitely Little Miss Tiny (I'm 4ft 10!)

voyager50 · 10/08/2018 10:14

I would be Little Miss Careful! Always being cautious and never taking risks.

foxessocks · 10/08/2018 13:07

// I'd be little miss bossy !

JustSeven · 10/08/2018 18:23

Mr Worry, I worry too much about everything!

Sugarhouse · 10/08/2018 20:00
I’d be mr bump so clumsy always covered in bruises

Hopezibah · 10/08/2018 22:10

I'm definitely most like mr worry!!! or mr forgetful!!! love the mr men and little miss books - absolute classics!


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BlackeyedPetitsPois · 10/08/2018 22:15

Definitely little miss naughty!!

woodstack · 11/08/2018 08:33
woodstack · 11/08/2018 08:35

I would be little miss sleepy. Zzzzzz

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