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Share the biggest messes your children have made in the 5 minutes when your back was turned - £300 voucher to be won!

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EllieMumsnet · 19/07/2018 12:35

Perhaps you have a child with the potential to be a future 'Banksy' - an artist able to cover a wall in felt-tip graffiti, while you are busy chopping carrot sticks. Or maybe they're more of a Jackson Pollock character - suddenly spraying the entire contents of their bowl across the floor in homage to the painter's splatter artworks? We’ve all been there when unbelievable messes have occurred in the blink of an eye and Carex would love to hear your stories about the biggest messes your children have made.

Here’s what Carex has to say: “Here at Carex we’re all about living life hands on… and sometimes that means getting messy! Luckily we’re here to clean, care and protect with our range of antibacterial hand washes. To keep the family busy this summer you can currently enjoy half price entry to Alton Towers and Sea Life centres with every promotional pack of Carex.”

Did you leave the room for five short minutes only to come back and find they'd somehow got at your prized Chanel lipstick and had liberally applied it not only to their lips, but their cheeks, eyes, hands and hair? What madness made you leave them unsupervised?! Share the unfortunate stories of the times you turned your back and a mess ensued.

Everyone who posts on the thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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Share the biggest messes your children have made in the 5 minutes when your back was turned - £300 voucher to be won!
OP posts:
bridgetosomewhere · 19/07/2018 12:43

A box of talcum powder shaken liberally around my living room with little footprints on the wooden floor leading to the culprit!!

Strawberrybelly · 19/07/2018 12:47

My Son once pooed on his beloved buzz light year figure when I was out of the room and mushed it in. Those things have a lot of gaps that I had to clean it out of. Envy

He also emptied an entire bottle of blue kids paint on the carpet just before an inspection from my landlord.

shuggas · 19/07/2018 14:30

Sudocrem. On the side, in the front room. He was sat nicely I went to put the pasta on to cook and came back to him smothered, furniture smothered, everything! Not just a small tub..oh no..the massive tub! Oh my god it's so difficult to get off! Thank goodness it was a leather suite, it had a white hue for quite some time though Shock needless to say it is top shelf stuff now!

thanksamillion · 19/07/2018 15:50

I was also going to say talc. All three DC sharing a room, left them alone for a couple of minutes, came back and hear 'it's snowing Mummy'. No it wasn't.

Imgettingcheesefries · 19/07/2018 16:11

Christmas morning- presents done, put 18 month old dd in the playpen so I could make breakfast. She reached through the bars, grabbed her big sisters new felt tips, had to be the black one, and coloured herself, her toys and the mat of the playpen in

sprinklesandsauce · 19/07/2018 16:47

Green crayon all over the flat screen tv - twice

Green felt tip all over a cream footstool

An entire packet of wetwipes all over the floor

Blue paint all over the carpet

Sand from the sandpit all over the carpet

Black marker pen all over the patio doors

The list is endless, and each time I had literally left the room for minutes.

Thegirlinthefireplace · 19/07/2018 16:55

Sudocrem everywhere, really everywhere. Smeared over the child's face, clothes, carpet, bed covers, walls. That stuff doesn't come out easily!!

Bichonsrock · 19/07/2018 16:55

4 year old dd decided to "help" by making porridge, full packet of porridge oats plus a full 4l milk, all over the kitchen floor. Found her at 5am sat on floor mixing it all around with her hands. Took a while to clean that one up.
She also used to enjoy running around the house whilst simultaneously emptying out a bottle of shampoo as she ran.

CointreauVersial · 19/07/2018 17:06

The time DS and his friends decided that the bedroom carpet (not in my house, thank goodness) was a bit of a boring cream colour.

They set to work with felt tips and paint, to make it purple. Shock

BrownTurkey · 19/07/2018 17:20

When she was 4, and her sister was 6, I was alerted by giggling to the fact that my dd had drawn an enormous (and quite good) pirate boat in black pen, very large, on her bedroom wall. And her (quite helpful and supportive) sister was trying to help her scrub it off. Unsuccessfully as it was permanent marker.

asuwere · 19/07/2018 17:25

I've only ever left an open tub of sudocreme
with DC once; couldn't believe how far it could be spread in only a few minutes. Took ages to clean!

SalutHallo · 19/07/2018 17:35

Hair dye on the cream carpet!

Caribbeanyesplease · 19/07/2018 17:45

Open tub of Sudo cream
2 year old
Alone for 5 minutes

Unbelievable mess

ButterflyOfFreedom · 19/07/2018 18:39

Whole box of Cheerios emptied on the carpet

Whole packet of baby wipes thrown over the bedroom

Contents of the ball pool (about 500 plastic coloured balls) thrown all over the lounge

HarrietSchulenberg · 19/07/2018 18:43

One took a poo out of his nappy and smeared it all over himself and the carpet while I was putting the bins out.

One rubbed orange crayon into the speakers on the brand new TV.

One flooded the bathroom till the water ran through the kitchen ceiling. Same one dropped a poo clean out of his nappy and down my beige jeans. Not a smear on him but I was a pooey mess.

Mercifully there's only 3 of them and the youngest one is just about to start High School.

NeverTwerkNaked · 19/07/2018 18:45

Has to be the time my four year old got hold of a bright red felt pen that wasn’t even “washable” and decided to use it as lipstick and nail polish Grin she looked like she had perpetrated a massacre.

MrsFrTedCrilly · 19/07/2018 18:46

My DC loves crafting and making. My favourite of her many moments of mess was when she decided to give herself a homemade glitter tattoo, there was glitter everywhere for weeks.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks · 19/07/2018 18:53

When DD decided to turn DS2 into Spiderman with felt pens. Not impressed. Hmm

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts · 19/07/2018 18:59

Dd2 once did a poo and decided to use the toilet brush to hit it down the toilet.... then she painted the bathroom with poo. It was up the bath on the sink, up the shower curtain on herself. It was horrible, her answer "I was cleaning it" I had to walk away and compose myself before replying 😂

She then painted herself and the bathroom with sun cream - that reached the ceiling, her answer when I said she can help clean it up "well how am I going to get up there mummy" hands on her hips and everything.

Then she painted herself in toothpaste... then denied it and was adamant she didn't do it. The fact her face was white and she was very minty told another story 😂

Really she shouldn't be allowed alone in the bathroom 🤣

EsmeeMerlin · 19/07/2018 19:57

Nappy cream my eldest got everywhere when he was around 2. That was a delight to clean up.

My sister made me laugh earlier this week when she told me how much damage my nephew had managed to create with a red lipstick he had got a hold off. It was everywhere!

Curlygirly · 19/07/2018 20:07

Ds1 scooped a handful of poo out of his nappy and waved it around which made ds2 puke.

blackistheneworange · 19/07/2018 20:25

Almost a litre of olive oil over my brand new kitchen floor. Took months to get it all off but my floor tiles were very shiny- although had to be very careful walking on them.

starlight36 · 19/07/2018 20:50

DS covered himself from head to toe with Sudocrem and then rolled around on his bedroom carpet. It took so long to get all of the marks out of the carpet.

TheWizardofWas · 19/07/2018 20:54

Chocolate eclair and bad mood child on a train next to businessman. Let us just say no one came out unscathed.

SusanWalker · 19/07/2018 21:06

Two small kids, a jar of chocolate spread, a pair of cream curtains and a new cream carpet. I think you all get the picture.

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