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Don’t know what do or how to cope

SadieBaneso · 18/03/2022 14:11

My DS is 23 (ASD) and has been living at home and attending various college courses since leaving school. He gets PIP and ESA. I’m his appointee for these as there’s no way he could sort his own stuff out , he wouldn’t even read any letters he gets, let alone manage money properly.
in the past he’s been manipulated by various “friends”, he’ll meet someone and five seconds later he’s obsessed with them and he hates us. He has treated us terribly and nearly driven me to a breakdown (I also have ASD).

Anyway, about six weeks ago his long term girlfriend ended things and he acquired a new girlfriend immediately. She lives with her father and after staying there a couple of times he decided they are the best thing ever and told us he doesn’t care if we live or die. He’s been there a week now with no contact. PIP wasn’t paid in today so I have phoned them and been told it has been suspended as he has phoned them to say he can “manage his own affairs” and wants me removed as appointee (all this within a few days)

They said I will receive a letter asking if I agree with this (no way). I believe this is the girlfriend and father manipulating him. All his PIP is based on his care needs. He seems to think he can simultaneously carry on getting this money whilst no longer needing any care!
Sorry this is long, I cannot cope with this anymore and don’t know what to do next. I’m devastated he is treating me like this.

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