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DLA - what on earth do I put?

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littleredcorvette · 16/08/2005 10:35

I'm currently wading through the DLA forms (yet again!) this time to claim the mobilitly rate for my ds. He's 3 years old and has no means of getting about by himself - he cannot walk, crawl or bum shuffle.

I'm stuck on the the question (page 20 & 21):
'Help the child needs when they go out during the day or in the evening/at home' - what sort of things can I put down as I just seem to be repeating myself (e.g. he cannot walk, needs encouragement to play, etc)

Another question (page 23) is:
'why you did not tell us sooner about their condition getting worse'. To us, he hasn't really got any worse its just that as he gets older the differences between him and other children are more noticeable - the first time we claimed he was only 9 months old. He can't walk, talk, interact with others, dress himself, feed himself - the list just goes on.......... So again, how do I answer that question?

I will be sending copies of reports from his Paedritrician, Portage Worker and also his Final Statement to support the claim. (He has been given a place at a Special School for children with physical difficulties and/or complex medical needs in September 2005).

I have printed out the guidelines from but I am still stuck! Why do they make the DLA forms so difficult and time-consuming?

Any help would be very much appreciated

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heartinthecountry · 16/08/2005 10:58

hi littlered... - I am also wading through the forms at the moment, in a similar position to you.

That question on pg 20/21 is new I think - certainly wasn't there when we last applied and I was also stumped. In the end I just put, for going out, 'play with friends' and 'go to play groups' plus the extra support dd needs to do those things e.g someone to interpret her sign language, someone to make sure she can access toys etc. I didn't fill in anything for home, as, like you, just felt I was repeating myself.

I think possibly that question has been put in more for kids with ASD who may not need all/some of the other therapies like physio etc so can't fill in those sections, but who need a hell of a lot of extra help to access a lot of activities.

As for pg 23 question (sure we didn't have that on our form!) I would answer what you have put here i.e gap widening etc.

Totally agree about the forms - as if we haven't got enough on our plates.

Good luck!

Easy · 16/08/2005 11:26


I know the forms often seem to ask you to repeat yourself, but don't be afraid to do so.

So to the first question you have to answer "He is totally immobile, so he needs to be carried or pushed in a buggy, both indoors and out. All toys and activities have to be brought to him, or he needs an adult to take him to them."

Last time I filled the forms in (for me), I just assumed the person reading them was slightly 'hard of understanding' and needed points reiterating over and over.

It seemed to work for me.

KarenThirl · 16/08/2005 12:02

Sympathies to you all, guys. I'm up to my armpits wading through the mire of J's DLA appeal, so I know what you're going through. LRC, I agree you should say (for p23) exactly what you've said here, it couldn't be plainer. The gap widens as other children develop and yours doesn't, which is why the differences become more noticeable the older he gets.

Good luck, hope it works out for you.

littleredcorvette · 16/08/2005 14:43

Thanks ladies

I've just photocopied/scanned the completed form and I'm now going to the Post Office to send it by Special Delivery!

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