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what differences did you see when....

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anniebear · 09/08/2005 18:59

you used Omega 3 fish oils?

Ellie is certainly wanting to sit and colour lots at the moment and for a lot longer than she ever has.

She is sleeping better , but I know it isn't given to help with sleep!!!

The sleep isn't great but has certainly improved a great deal and I suddenly thought today that this has totally coincided with the Omega 3

What do you think? Coincidence?

OP posts:
eidsvold · 10/08/2005 03:46

weuse a fish oil that has other omegas as well... and yes I can see the difference in dd1 as well as her skin through the winter is better.

anniebear · 10/08/2005 15:44

anyone you think the better sleeeping is a coincidence?

OP posts:
Davros · 10/08/2005 19:41

I don't give DS fishoils but would like to (another story). Afaik, fish oils are a proven, effective intervention but I'm not sure WHAT they are supposed to do other than help brain development. So, who knows? I'm sure someone else on MN understands it and can link to studies???

Blossomhill · 10/08/2005 19:43

My dd had an adverse reaction and her behaviour is terrible on Omega3. I believe dd is an exception though.
I would say Ellie is definitely benefitting from the Omega 3 and probably has helped the sleeping too

Saker · 10/08/2005 20:18

This is the link to the Durham trial of EyeQ and gives a brief explanation of the role of fatty acids. We give Eskimo oil to Ds2 but it's hard to know whether there was an improvement as he was only 2 when we started and so that was a time when he could have advanced quite significantly anyway.

What I did find interesting is that a few weeks after he had started on the oil his two outside incisors which had never come down suddenly erupted. One came all the way down, the other is partially down. As he was well past the age that they would be expected to emerge I wondered if that was related to the fatty acids.

Fio2 · 10/08/2005 20:41

I have had to stop yet again gicing them dd as she refuses to take them intitially and then wont eat anything after, double edged sword for us so i have had to cut them out even though I think they would help her no end

she takes her 'orange' melatonin fine though, and slept through last night

anniebear · 10/08/2005 21:23


Its hard to know if it is just coincidence, but I'm not taking any chances...will carry on giving them!!!

Thanks again!

OP posts:
Davros · 10/08/2005 21:33

If she'll take 'em, give 'em!

Saker · 10/08/2005 22:42

Yes I definitely think give them if you possibly can get them down. Also if I was pregnant (which I'm not!) I would take supplements myself throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

KarenThirl · 11/08/2005 06:39

When I first gave fish oils to J (Eye Q) a couple of years ago there was a dramatic improvement in his behaviour and he settled down a lot. However it was very short-lived and within a few months he had cranked up again. I increased the dosage (with Eye Q you can do this) but it made no difference. I stopped giving it to him altogether at that point but his behaviour deteriorated so much that we reached the point of asking for a second assessment (he'd been assessed as having no significant problem the first time). I then began on Eskimo Kids after reading about it on here but I can't say whether it makes any difference or not as J's behaviour has continued to deteriorate. Who knows, maybe he'd have been even worse without it. I guess you have to try it and decide for yourself.

Davros · 11/08/2005 07:42

Yes, you must watch out for EyeQ because of the Evening Primrose Oil which can cause hyperactivity and is VERBOTEN with epilepsy medication! I think most of the SN mums who can get it down their kids use Eskimo Adults or Flax.

Saker · 13/08/2005 23:36


Have you seen this here .

It is milk with added omega-3 - doesn't say the proportions of epa and dha but it might help?

Fio2 · 14/08/2005 07:59

thanks socci, i will keep my out for it. i doubt they will have any in our local shops though

Jimjams · 14/08/2005 08:03

If your child stims a lot with their eyes (especially the looking out of the corner oof the eye thing) then cod liver oil is good- nordic naturals is a good brand. Otherwise avoid it because of the vitamin A. I hadn't realised what an effect it had had on ds1 until I stopped giving it (can't get it into him anymore) and the stimming slowly came back. It is ridiculous now he does it all the time.....

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