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SN children

Dd can be so sweet, had to share this...

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Blossomhill · 05/07/2005 19:31

Just caught her typing an email and it said this (she typed it all by herself, I have cut, pasted and crossed out teacher's name of course)

why i love my teacher my teacher is lovely she is fun she kind and she best of all i am so lucky to be in miss class hip hip hooray for miss .

OP posts:
charleepeters · 05/07/2005 19:33

awww thats so cute - kids are so innocent and nice

Blossomhill · 05/07/2005 19:36

Dd is 6 in August charlee and cracks me up. She then looked and me and said "mum, I am going to write an essay and started scribbling away )"

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Whizzz · 05/07/2005 19:38
charleepeters · 05/07/2005 19:39

Thats great - i lvoe it when kids do things like that, my niece is 4 and she crack me up........ she came to me the ther day and said ' auntie boobies Leah (dn) is peeing for england but i dont mind i love her anyway she super!' thery have no emnarrasment at that age and nothing to gain, there jsut being themselves!

spidermama · 05/07/2005 19:40

Ahhhh. Testament to both dd and Miss *.

Blossomhill · 05/07/2005 19:41

Rofl Charlee
Yes children are wonderful creatures Just wish they could stay untouched for a bit longer!

OP posts:
anniebear · 05/07/2005 19:45

Arrrrrrrrrrrrh, BH thats really sweet

eidsvold · 06/07/2005 06:48

that is fab... as a former classroom teacher - that sort of thing is fab....

Davros · 06/07/2005 08:34

She is a laugh but so sweet and unspoilt too. Reminds me, bloody end of term present buying coming up.

Fio2 · 06/07/2005 08:38

aww bless her

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