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eidsvold · 03/07/2005 23:56

Well I know I asked for anyone to let me know what they thought of this programme. Well dh and I have been accepted as part of the first group to undertake this training delivered by our local Disability services department. We had to do an initial assessment so we can see any progression at least during the programme and probably beyond.

It was interesting to actually sit down and do an inventory of what she says/signs and what she understands. Every time I do that it reminds me how much dd1 does understand and communicate. I guess ( like you no doubt) you get caught up in the day to day things and the things that you are working on improving that you lose sight of how well/far your child has come. It was fab to remind ourselves how much she has progressed since we got here and even in the last 6 months.

Anyway - dh and I had to be videoed playing with dd1 - and she was a monkey not playing as she usually does, not wanting to play football which she loves doing with her dad.... oh well. We start in a few weeks.

The programme is basically written for parents who have children with language delays and from my limited understanding at this point - it helps you facilitate and encourage language development. It looks fab. I really wanted to do it as I wanted to help dd1 become a combiner... she has tonnes of first words but she needs to work on the next step of combining words.

The Hanen programme is from Canada and they actually have three programmes, the one we are doing called - It takes two to talk, another one - think it is called more than words ( I think?!?!) which is designed specifically for children with Autism. They can't offer that here in Aus as they have no one trained to deliver it.

Will let you know how we get on....

sorry for the ramble. Just excited and feel like I am about to do something concretely constructive to help dd1.... and no doubt dd2 will get Hanened too

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