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A success! Made my day

22 replies

happymerryberries · 07/06/2005 16:17

Today was the day that my year nine students did their presentations on disability and ICT. They did a fantastic job, with one girl signing in Makaton in one of the presentations (her sister has ds).

The reason I set up this lesson was that one of the boys called someone a 'spaz'. I bollocked him and asked for advice from you lovely people.

Well, the sucess was today. He was part of the group presenting in CP. he quietly came over to me and said that he had a bit to read out about the different types of CP, but was worred athat muscle spasms were called 'spastic' and that he realised that this could be seen as an offensive term.

A success! And all thanks to the work that first started on this bit of MN following 'Love Actucally'.

Many thanks ladies. I thought of you today, and felt that you would have been pleased with the progress this boy, and the rest of the class, have made.

OP posts:
moondog · 07/06/2005 16:19

I remember this so well hmb and was (I think) alone in suggesting that he might not be such a bad lad! Thought about it quite a bit afterwards.

Bravo-you're obviously an inspiration.

Thomcat · 07/06/2005 16:21

oh - goose bump city! How lovely. what a great post.

Thomcat · 07/06/2005 16:21

oh God, Imeant to say a massive well done to you, sorry, i was interupted with a work thing!

happymerryberries · 07/06/2005 16:24

Thomcat, when the girl started to sign, I started to fill up, because the kids had realy 'got it'. I've had a bloody great big grin on my face all day amy spent lunch time writing them yellow slips for excellent performace. I was so prud of them.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 07/06/2005 16:32

You fantastic woman. In years to come ex pupils looking back and reflecting on school days will say about you that you made a differnce to their lives.

It's wonderful and I'm so pleased you had such a great day.

batters · 07/06/2005 16:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur · 07/06/2005 16:40

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

happymerryberries · 07/06/2005 16:41

It was well done them.

they were also asking more questions about Makaton, and if it was used world wide. I was ashamed not to know the answer, anyone know?

OP posts:
Thomcat · 07/06/2005 16:43

Hmmm, I think so, they certainly have ';baby signing' in the satates but not sure about makaton.
Will see if I can find out.

Dingle · 07/06/2005 16:46

Oh wow, how inspirational. I can hardly type- the silly old cow that I am, sitting here with tears, freely flowing down my face and hitting the keyboard.

Will have to go!! WELL DONE!

anniebear · 07/06/2005 17:05

thats really great, well done

eidsvold · 07/06/2005 22:50

wow - hmb I remember that thread... you know this will be one of the life lessons they will have learnt and take with them.

to answer your question - they do a version of makaton here in Australia called Auslan - similar to makaton but some of the signs are different.

tell them well done from a mum of a little one with ds.

coppertop · 07/06/2005 22:58

What a fantastic thread! Well done to your class, hmb and well done to you for arranging it all.

jenkins88 · 08/06/2005 01:01

Well done hmb. Sounds like they deserved those little yellow slips.

Fio2 · 08/06/2005 08:03

well done hmb

makaton is based on british sign language. Tbh I think it would be a good idea if channels like cbeebies actually used makaton for their nursery rhymes instead of made up signs iykwim. It wouldnt be that hard to do. Shall we write to them and ask???

heartinthecountry · 08/06/2005 10:03

Unfortunately Makaton isn't worldwide. The americans use a system based on French Sign Language (??). But I think most countries have a similar signing system for learning disabilities rather than deaf/dumb.

And hmb your post made me all choked up - what a fantastic thing for you to have done. And fantastic too for those children who have really learnt something of value (IMHO anyway!).

I do believe that most kids aren't prejudiced or bad - they just don't know any better. And they won't unless people teach them differently.

At the risk of sounding patronising - thank you!

Dingle · 08/06/2005 10:23


Wouldn't it be great to be able to turn on kiddies TV, and see all the gestures replaced with a more standardised form of sign.

rushes of to get her militant hat!

Davros · 08/06/2005 10:24

Fio, I agree, I have often thought that. If they're going to wave their arms around, why not use Makaton?
On the last Makaton training I went to they said it was worldwide but maybe it is just one of many.
HMB, that is a wonderful story, what a great job you've done. You should patent that lesson and sell it! Or maybe you should go to the TES website and suggest it there? Oooer....

GRMUM · 08/06/2005 10:26

HMB that is a real inspiration. Well done to their teacher too!

In Greece they do use makaton. It is based on the UK makaton. Some of the signs are the same and some have been adapted to be more suitable to Greece. can't think of a specific example of hand but will find out.

Hausfrau · 08/06/2005 10:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heartinthecountry · 08/06/2005 11:16

Also agree about kiddies TV. Was also thinking the other day about baby signing - is that makaton? (or signalong?) or is it yet another system made up by someone?

Dingle · 08/06/2005 11:18

Should we all write to the BBC or something?

Sorry must not hijack this wonderful thread, even though it did make me sob!


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