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Guess what I've just arranged!!

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Dingle · 02/06/2005 21:36

A while ago someone mentioned about a girl with DS performing in a dance routine. It got us talking and we have been saying about getting Amelia involve in something like this for some time now.

Well today I actually did something about it! She starts dance classes on Saturday 11th June!!
I spoke to the lady who runs the class and although she has no experience of Downs Syndrome, she has taught children with other SNs. It only cost £2.50 per session, only half an hour, pre-school group. Lots of circle work, music, rhythm, it sounds ideal.
I just can't wait to see her little face!

OP posts:
darlingbud · 02/06/2005 21:50

Oh how lovely. I hope she enjoys it - I'm sre she will. My cousin has Downs and loved dancing. When she was older she joined a,local youth theatre group and did dancing and acting. She loved it.

Let us know how you get on and most importantly how Amelia gets on.

fairydust · 02/06/2005 21:51

sounds fantatic hope she has a faboulous time

tamum · 02/06/2005 21:51

It was me I'm so glad, I hope she loves it!

Dingle · 02/06/2005 22:01

Thanks tamum, it gave me a kick up the backside and I actually did something about it!

OP posts:
Fio2 · 03/06/2005 08:01

oh how wonderful i would love dd to do this, i am just so lazy and worried to organise anything

Christie · 03/06/2005 22:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coppertop · 03/06/2005 22:46

Good for you, Dingle. Let us know how little Amelia gets on.

Dingle · 03/06/2005 23:13

For anyone who is interested have a look at my little Milly Miss here

OP posts:
TheRealMrsF · 03/06/2005 23:15

What a sweetie!!!
What a proud mum u must be!

coppertop · 03/06/2005 23:16

Awwww! She's so gorgeous. You could just reach into the photo and pick her up for a cuddle.

Dingle · 04/06/2005 09:15

hhhmmm...she's very good at the butter wouldn't melt look. Then she get's up and goes into demolishion mode!

So very, very proud of her. I know you all understand the silly little things but it just really struck me last night.

DD has bee under the weather, not been 100% since this rotten stomach bug. Had a temperature on and off yesterday. When we went uo to bed, late last night, I went in and checked on the kiddies as normal. DD was hot,so I stripped off a layer of bedding. (we used a sheet accross the bed to help stop her falling out!) but she woke up. Sat bolt upright, patted the bed for my to sit/lay down with her. Then DH came up the stairs, she said, "oh dadda!" and pointed out to him. "dadda 'alpol!" to which DH had to go down and get her calpol.

It was just so spontaneous. I feel her speech is really coming on!

OP posts:
TheRealMrsF · 04/06/2005 11:42

you are so right- those little things keep us going when the big things swamp us.

mumeeee · 04/06/2005 12:18

Thats a lovely photo Dingle and its great about her speech.

Dingle · 11/06/2005 07:43

Well todays the big day!! DD's first dance class- fingers crossed!

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 11/06/2005 07:50

hello dingle!
spotted your name and popped into SN.
hope she has a lovely time (and you too)!

Jimjams · 11/06/2005 07:50

she's gorgeous dingle- good luck with the dancing...

Dingle · 11/06/2005 08:13

I hope she likes it! If I'm honest, I'm quite nervous about going!

Loaded a few more pics in my darlings album

OP posts:
Jayzmummy · 11/06/2005 10:44

aww Dingle your little ones are so cute. the sepia piccie is adorable. Hope dd enjoys her dance sesion.

roisin · 11/06/2005 21:16

How did it go Dingle? Hope she loved it!

coppertop · 11/06/2005 21:17

Yes, how was the Dancing Dingle-ette?

roisin · 11/06/2005 21:47


Dingle · 12/06/2005 07:45

I was amazed that she wasn't really that interested! There were too many distractions around the hall! She'd rather played with the swivel chair in the corner annd pretend to be on the phone, then she found one of those floor sweepers, one with a really wide head and she wanted to push that around!
I did more ballet than her, and that must have really been a sight for sore eyes!

One thing that really hit, was that she is happy to grab hold of a complete strangers hand in the street but she really just didn't want to hold any of the other little girls hands.

I stood on the "sidelines" with her a we took part from a distance! I hope that with a bit more time, the temptation of joining in will be greater than that of playing with a chair! Like many toddlers I think she was almost using it as an attention seeking thing too. The other parents all waited outside but she held my hand in beckoned me in with her. I tried a few times to leave but she just came out looking for me! All the time I was in there with her, she had me undivided attention by not being part of the group.
Being the worrier that I am my concern is the disruption on the rest of the class.

Let's seen what hapens next week! Thanks for thinking of her ladies!

OP posts:

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roisin · 12/06/2005 08:46

Thanks for the update.

I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you'd anticipated. But it is a very new experience for her (or any other child new to the group). I hope she settles in quickly and enjoys it.

Does she know any of the other children there?

Dingle · 12/06/2005 09:36

No roisin, all complete strangers. Yes of course I would have preferred it to go differently, but it doesn't put me off. The dance instructor was very good about it too.

We will try for as long as necessary, and if it doesn't happen yet, I will try her in a few months time. Lessons don't continue over the hols anyway so we have to get settled in again in September!

OP posts:
Davros · 12/06/2005 10:08

Sorry to hear it was a bit more tricky than you'd hoped. We always have to give something new a good go before DS settles in..... or doesn't! If we gave up every time he doesn't take to something first time (or even second or third) we'd do nothing! Prob good that it stops over the hols for a breather. ROFL at you doing more ballet than her!

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