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Grrrrr my sons mainstream school yet again

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Sapphire1975 · 06/05/2005 13:27

Hi I am new here
Sorry this is a bit long...
I have 3 sons, the oldest is 10 and has dyspraxia and Aspergers Syndrome, he was refused statutory assessment a few years ago.

I am soooo tired of feeling angry, irratated and let down by his school and in fact the whole LEA.
The latest in a long line of things are...

He only gets 2 lots of 10 mins a week 1 to 1 with a non special needs trained classroom assistant where she is MEANT TO do the physio and occupational therapy programmes given to the school by these trained therapists, but I have found out that she is NOT doing this, she is making him practice his tennis skills as this what they are doing in PE and he is having problems with because of his coordination problems.

The school have even been told by the autism outreach people that he needs social skills training but have never done anything about it.
They only ever do what suits them!

Also my son spent 3 days working really hard on a poster for his homework, he handed it in and was given a "housepoint" for it, then the next day (yesterday) he came home saying the whole class have to re do their posters because the teacher said they were NOT GOOD ENOUGH and that if they were put on the wall they would look TERRIBLE.
My son worries that as she has said this he will have to redo it so is going to, but I do not think this is fair and am furious about what she has said.
I am planning to see her after school today as she expects these posters re done by Monday as the school has vistors which is why they are making such a fuss.

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Davros · 06/05/2005 13:42

It doesn't sound like this school is doing anything to help him or take his difficulties into account at all. He's obviously coming up for secondary, maybe you can use that for a big "drains up". Do you have any idea about what you want for the next stage? Have you been able to get any independent advice? IPSEA or NAS helpline or local advocacy service?
Sounds so awful, stressful and disheartening. Esp when he made such a good poster but is lumped in with the rest having to redo them, why doesn't he just re-present the first one, with a note from you?

Sapphire1975 · 06/05/2005 13:54

Teacher sent him home with a post it note stuck to his poster listing what is wrong with it, some spellings etc,
yes he got some spellings slightly wrong but I did not want to interfere when he was keen to do it, I gave him one or two pointers but if I had stood over his shoulder saying "this is wrong thats is wrong" it would have destroyed him.

I have had parent partnership involved before but find they seem more concerned with not offending the school.

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KarenThirl · 06/05/2005 14:27

Sapphire, my question would be "How come he got a house point if there was so much wrong with his poster?" Either they reward him because it was good or they don't because it wasn't, they surely can't do both. And what's wrong with getting those children who failed to do their homework properly to do it again? Why should everyone have to do it? I'm not at all impressed by the school's inconsistency, and it can only cause further problems for a child with AS.

Time to call a review meeting?

coppertop · 06/05/2005 14:28

The school sounds awful. Does your son have an IEP? If so, do the school keep you updated?

The teacher's attitude sounds horrible. If she wants perfect posters up on the wall then she should buy some from a shop. I thought the work on the walls was supposed to be representative of the kind of work the children are producing! My ds1 is a lot younger (nearly 5) but his classroom walls are full of less-than-perfect work. Nothing is excluded on the grounds that it isn't good enough.

Welcome to mumsnet and the SN board by the way.

Sapphire1975 · 06/05/2005 16:09

His SEN review (including his IEP) is in June, SENCO is not much good though
she is the schools deputy head so has no idea on SN and not much interest from what I can see.

I persuaded Luke to back upstairs to his classroom and tell his teacher I needed a word with her when I collected him from school,
he was not keen to do it but eventually did
all she said to him was NO

I made my feelings about this LOUD AND CLEAR in the middle of the playground so everyone could hear and will be writing to her Monday.

Luke is still adamant he has to re do it as "Its not perfect" (his words)
I have told him I will help him correct all of the 2 spelling mistakes he has made (as he did it in pencil)
but he is not re doing the whole thing as I think it is perfect and am very proud of him.

She even put on her bloody post note that he should be writing in straight lines
Since when do all posters have all their writing in straight lines, he was supposed to designing it himself and not being dictated to like she is trying to do.

Am soooo angry

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monica2 · 06/05/2005 22:19

Hi Sapphire and welcome (I am still v. new hear).
My DD has AS and is 10 in July, this scenario is all too familiar unfortunately. I would be inclined to put more pressure on the Outreach service, I frequently phone our Outreach Support worker and she attends meetings with us at the school. Also it would be good to follow any future points agreed in meetings with a letter confirming the hours/help agreed on. Our outreach service has provided training workshops on AS for LSA's and teachers as well as Social use of language programmes, playground intervention programmes, social stories etc. It sounds like your this teacher would benefit from a greater understanding of your ds's difficulties. Hope it gets sorted soon.

Sapphire1975 · 07/05/2005 16:48

His teacher refused to come and speak to me after schoo; (his classroom is upstairs and I had lo in buggy so I could not easily run up to see her)

My son went up there and asked if I could have a word and all she said was NO with no explanaition.

We are now looking into the possibility of moving him to another school as we have had years of this from the school so its not likely things will ever improve as we have tried everything with them.

It depends on whether we can get help with transport to get him there as I cannot drive and he is not able to travel alone by bus etc

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