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Had an awful time this afternoon................

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anniebear · 04/05/2005 21:47

had a terrible time with Ellie today

as we were leaving for the indoor soft play my front door went funny and I couldn't lock it, so with Ellie screaming in her buggy outside I had to get a screw driver and fix the door.

Then as I was so harassed I left without my keys, when we got home I realised (also desp for a wee!!!!) and had to ring my Mum and wait outside the house for ten mins for her to bring the spare key

Ellie started to smack her face that hard again and again that her mouth was bleeding, the screams from her were HORRENDOUS. Really cant describe how bad it was. At one point she clawed at her face. Mum arrived and I went inside and sobbed.

Maybe I could have stopped her by letting her out, but then I would have been chasing her by the road, or I could have carried on walking (but was desp for the loo!! and would have had Grace joining in with the crying) but I was so tired and upset, really didn't have the energy to deal with it, I just wanted to pack my bags and walk away (but had no key to get into the house to pack!!!) I just sat there holding her hands to stop her.

Just wanted to tell some one and have a bit of a moan!

Thanks for listening


OP posts:
anniebear · 04/05/2005 21:49

was that bad people walking past stared and cars even slowed down going up the road

It did sound like I was attacking her

I half expected SS to call (maybe would have been a good idea for a neighbour to call them!!! might get seen quicker!!!!!!!!!!)

OP posts:
moondog · 04/05/2005 21:50

Sounds really distressing. Not surprised you had a good cry. Hope your little Ellie is calm and tucked up in bed now.

SleepyJess · 04/05/2005 21:52

(((((anniebear))) What a horrible experience. Most of us have had them.. to varying degrees.. you're not alone.. or with the 'wanting to pack and run' feeling either!

It's over now.. tomorrow will be a better day

SJ x

marne · 04/05/2005 21:52

I would of cried to. Is Elle ok now?
Hope you have a better day tomorow.

anniebear · 04/05/2005 21:55

shes fine, thanks.

In bed fast asleep.........for now!!

She was fine a few minutes after with my Mum. It was me that was still crying!!

Really dont know how to handle it.

OP posts:
moondog · 04/05/2005 21:57

Well you did handle it ab!! You're all home safe and warm and peaceful. That's all that matters.

fuzzywuzzy · 04/05/2005 22:01

Oh anniebear you poor thing, I'm amazed your neighbours didn't ask what was wrong, and let you wait for your mum in their house. I've done it, when my neighbour was locked out.....

RnB · 04/05/2005 22:02

Message withdrawn

Davros · 04/05/2005 22:04

How awful annie. Those "crisis" points are so stressful and I'm just talking about getting ready to leave the house with NT DD! This would have made anyone cry.

baka · 04/05/2005 22:45

anniebear- much sympathy-- my sons reaction would have been the same- there isn't anything you can do to make it right for them at the time- it just all flies out.

Hope you had a relaxing evening

(don't worry about ss- once I was driving to pick up my husband and my son flipped because something was wrong- think the red light stayed on red too long or something- he was in the seat behind me so I couldn't see him, when I did catch a glimpse I almost passed out - he;'d given himself a HUGE nosebleed there was blood everywhere- he was caked- I was convinced I was going to get the SS call!)

Thomcat · 04/05/2005 22:47

Oh God, what a rubbish day. You poor things. Hope you've had a chilled nice evening and tomorrow is a much better day.

coppertop · 04/05/2005 22:50

Sorry you had such a cr@ppy time of it today.

KarenThirl · 05/05/2005 07:30

Sorry it was such a bad day. Hope you are feeling better now and tomorrow is better for you.

anniebear · 05/05/2005 07:35

Thank you everyone!

Just needed a few sympathetic ears from others who understand!!

OP posts:
eidsvold · 05/05/2005 09:09

what a bad afternoon - sorry you had such a crap time - hope your evening was better...

JakB · 05/05/2005 19:29

Hope today was better, Anniebear. Sorry to hear you had such a crappy afternoon

anniebear · 05/05/2005 21:19

Great today!!!

She went to School this morning and was lovely this afternoon

I went in and had a good talk with the Deputy Head who has given me some idea's to try this week and I shall go and see her again in a weeks time.

Here goes...!!

OP posts:
MABS · 05/05/2005 21:36

you poor honey, take care

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