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Statementing setback

25 replies

Thomcat · 26/04/2005 12:09

OHhhh FFS, it never rains but pours aye.
Stiull maybe this will keepo my mind off other worries/

The LEA called me this morning at work. They had just spoken to Lottie's nursery and hey everythins great, the school are really happy with lottie and they are happy with the support they are getting, everythings fiune so apparently I don't need the statement after all, we'll just leave it!

I think not.

I rang the school and they said 'oh I didn't realise they were asking me if this was for now, i thought they were just asking in genreal was I happy and how is Charlotte, it would be great to get more help, good for us, good for Charlotte'.


So is this the LEA putting words in the mouths of inexperienced trachers, (inexperienced in the world of SN) and trying at the last stage to see if they can get out of dishing out some cash?

Makes you think.

I've told portage to ring the school and have a chat, offer advice and support as they don't know what they are doing.
I've told the school to ring the LEA back and say trhey didn't realise what they were being asked and yes they do want additional help for Charlotte, now.

FFS. Swimming uphill in custard. Really don't feel like taking on a fight this week, just want to curl into a ball under my duvet and be left alone this week. My shouders are sagging forward.

Sorry, it's fine, it will be fine but it's just a pain and maybe slightly bad timing for me this week.

OP posts:
bee3 · 26/04/2005 12:39

((Thomcat)) It was really unfair of the LEA to contact the Nursery like that, because of course they are going to say "Oh she's lovely, we're doing fine etc etc". What they never do is start conversations saying "So where are the problems and how can we offer support". I think one of the most difficult things about getting funding through is that you really do have to focus on the negative aspects.I do think it is a money issue. You've done everything right, and I would hope they will keep the statementing process going. Do Nursery keep any paperwork/assessments etc on Lottie, specifically targetted to her SN needs? While the process is going through they need to understand that every need needs to be highlighted, detailed and pushed, while playing it a bit lowkey with the positive developments. Crap, I know, but it's all a means to an end. Thinking of you.

MeerkatsUnite · 26/04/2005 12:42


Re your last sentence there is no need at all to say sorry!!. Very British trait that!.

Will you be in a position at some stage to meet with the LEA face to face?. You may find this more helpful in the long run if you can meet with them.

I think you have answered your own question; the LEA have couched said response from the school. It certainly seems like it reading what you have written from this end.

Don't let the LEA get away with this!!.

I wish you well

MeerkatsUnite · 26/04/2005 12:49


You may want to give IPSEA a call as well. I fully realise though that it can be nigh on impossible sometimes to get through.

Good luck!!

Jayzmummy · 26/04/2005 12:50

TC......IME LEA's will try any trick in the book to avoid issuing a you have set the ball rolling by getting portage etc involved....sit back and try and relax a little....thinking of you.

Thomcat · 26/04/2005 12:52

It was really naughty of the LEA. this teacher is obviously very confused and doesn't understand what she's saying and doing as far as the statement goes.
Ohhh, I feel worn out.
Just spoke to Portage who are going in there and will hopefully explain things but I'm wondering if IPSEA could help clear things up for the teacher. English isn't her first language and she's never had dealing with SN before. i just want her to be clear on what's happening and what she has to do.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 26/04/2005 12:55

MeerkatsUnite - our posts crossed, I will speak to IPSEA, thanks.

OP posts:
coppertop · 26/04/2005 13:12

I've got no experience of statementing but this just sounds so WRONG! How dare they try and trick the nursery like this!

I hope it all gets sorted out soon, TC. xx

KarenThirl · 26/04/2005 13:17

Sorry to hear the LEA have fouled up, TC. Very dirty trick, IMO. Perhaps the nursery can get back to them and review what they said? Do you think they'd accept that?

Thomcat · 26/04/2005 13:27

I've told the LEA the nursery will be calling back after they've spoken to me. She said okay and she would leave the statement as it is for now.

OP posts:
RnB · 26/04/2005 15:23

Message withdrawn

Thomcat · 26/04/2005 18:05

Wish I felt like fighting or I might actually be enjoying this! As it is I just feel worn out and deflated this week. It just feels like if we get any luck it's bad.

OP posts:
RnB · 26/04/2005 18:34

Message withdrawn

maddiemo · 26/04/2005 19:13

Sorry that you are having sucha bad time with everything

What I hate is the way the LEA try to pretend that they have your best interests at heart, when the reality is that they want to give the minimum that they can get away with.

Angry for you

JakB · 26/04/2005 19:35

Bloody hell. What a nightmare week. Bastard LEA- I really don't trust them anymore. As a mum said to me today about DD's school place, 'they're all dead nice and empathetic and promise you this and that, then they go coldhearted and then you're grateful for whatever they throw you'.
Anyway, hope it all gets sorted out

Socci · 26/04/2005 22:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Thomcat · 26/04/2005 22:27

LOL between hitler and satan.
She was so nice on the phone. How wonderful, what a lovley school I'd found, how kind and nice the teachers were, and how she wishes more teachers were like that. Yeah bet she bloody does. Ohhh, can feel some of the old TC coming back and she'll be getting a call tomorrow from the old TC as well!

OP posts:
Chocol8 · 26/04/2005 22:41

You go Thomcat - the old TC will scare the pants off 'em, and rightly so! B***s! (((((((hugs to you))))))) and to Lottie of course.

sinclair · 28/04/2005 14:51

hi TC just caught up with this - am astonished!! When I re-read I thought they wouldn't be able to stop the process on the stregth of one phone call to one inexperienced teacher - my recollection of the stage you are at is that everything had to be in writing and the process grinds on endlessly. Hope I'm right...doesn't exactly fill you with confidence tho does it.

Anyhow, let us know how you got on when you rang them. Hugs, Sx

Blu · 28/04/2005 14:55

Grrrr. Bloody Hell.
Definitely fight for the statement - it will be worth twice it's weight in gold once you start applying for primary schools.

I too would reccommend ipsea.

Thomcat · 28/04/2005 20:17

It's all back on, as I knew it would be, they were just trying their luck, they were sweetness and light and the next step is they tell the school how much money they can have and the school advertise for a teacher. What a mad, long process. I wrongly presumed the school were just provided with a SN teacher, but oh no, the nursery now have to find one themselves!

OP posts:
KarenThirl · 29/04/2005 09:45

Well done for calling their bluff, TC. Can I have you on my side when I get to the statementing part?!

JakB · 29/04/2005 09:54

Well done TC! Slippery b*, the LEAs of this world


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lou33 · 29/04/2005 10:14

well done love

amynnixmum · 04/05/2005 12:27

Glad everything is back on track Thomcat. I haven't been online much recently so haven't been following what's been going on with your assessment but I thought of you today as we started this process at about the same time and for us it is finally at an end.

Ds has got his statement and I am pleased with it. Also the LEA have agreed to fund 15 hours a week of support which means that when the school put in their required support ds will have full time help.

He's not going to get extra support at preschool but as they are coping fine I don't mind that. Its at school where he'll need it.

Good luck with the funding stuff.

sinclair · 04/05/2005 16:43

Quick congrats you. These LEAs just don't know what they are up against do they??

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