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goats milk & autism

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hunnybun1981 · 09/04/2009 10:26

i put my daughter on goats milk about sep/oct 08 we found she improved a lot, however were not sure if it was the milk or the fact that she enjoyed school and was getting better.

so we ran out of goats milk and hadnt got back round to getting it so has been off it for a week, (due to cost i find it hard sometimes to buy , as it is over double the price of normal milk) her behaviour has got irrational and she has become emotional again we are not sure if it is because of school stopping for hols or because of the milk.

i am going out to get the milk again, i have been advised that you can freeze it but its not a good idea?

i have found uht goats milk in asda has anyone any reviews on this?

OP posts:
jjones · 09/04/2009 10:33

I think uht and fresh milk have the same nutrient value so I wouldn't worry about that, ds1 used to have a problem with cows milk and at the time we could only buy soya in uht cartons. Maybe her behaviour is a combination of both the milk and school.

hunnybun1981 · 09/04/2009 10:52

yeh i think i will get the uht at least then i will never run out as i can always keep a spare carton in the cupboard.

my only other concern is there is cows milk in most foods .

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SheWhoMustBeIgnored · 09/04/2009 13:00

we have hoats milk but he still has yoghurt and cheese. since starting the milk he has seemed to improve and so has his excema. we freeze it as it says you can on the carton, it says use within 2 months so i make sure i do that and we have never had any problems with it. i havent tried uht but tbh i think it tastes awful so i wouldnt expect ds1 to drink it

jg3kids · 09/04/2009 14:32


If you haven't already seen it take a look at the enzymes thread. You can get enzymes that help digest milk prodults.
Have a look at www. enzymestuff .com for more info.


hunnybun1981 · 09/04/2009 14:53

ok many thanks yeh will freeze it then.

will have a look at that thread and report back

OP posts:
Sazisi · 09/04/2009 15:53

You can also get goats milk powder from healthfood shops; Nanny is one brand but there are surely others.

mrz · 09/04/2009 16:05

I always bought frozen goat's milk for my son (before supermarkets stocked it) and many companies supply it frozen so I'm not sure why it should be a problem.

hunnybun1981 · 09/04/2009 18:01

yeh i thought this about goats milk and freezing it , but i thought i read on here that it wasnt gud to freeze but obviously fine if mums r doing it.

fingers crossed i see the improvement again.

thanks for help.

OP posts:
Peachy · 09/04/2009 22:42

I freeze mine as we cant get it in the village and traipsng out to asda daly is not attractive

DS3's language is far btter (think some and none) on gaots mlk: me- well if I drink cows I'm not really here, cant manage to make that link to socialise. Goats or soya and I'm fine, if you allow for the fact that I drank milk as a child so probably didnt learn social skills the way I should have done.

I think the stuff is amazing

mrsturnip · 09/04/2009 23:10

ds1 is severely autistic, goes a bit loopy on soy, haven't noticed much difference with cow's milk but does need to be gluten free (or gets very headbangy).

Fast forward to ds3 aged 16 months. Beginning to develop ASD type behaviours - was very noticeable in group activities and speech and pointing not developing. Was gluten free but on cow's milk. We had the Sunderland test - high in beta caseiomorphines. Spoke to Sunderland- I said I wasn't keen on soya as it really hadn't helped ds1 and I felt a 16 month old needed some milk. Goat's was suggested. It's a different type of casein (A2 rather than A1) and is digested more easily. We switched and within days ds3 had changed. Lights came on, he started speaking & pointing - literally within days, was far more 'with us'. Now aged 4 he is developing normally on a mixed cows/goats milk diet.

hunnybun1981 · 10/04/2009 08:39

mrs turnip thats fantastic!

yeh we put her back on it last night so should start to see a difference again in a few days, mind u all the easter eggs might have a bad effect.

saying that we have bought her a tiny one and a new playmobil toy instead.

i am glad i can freeze it now it will be handy and running out isnt an option anymore.

is there anywhere u can buy it in bulk?

i buy 1 liter in asda and its 1.24

i am in northern ireland

OP posts:
vik1985 · 09/09/2019 15:21

hi Mrsturnip. Thanks for sharing your experience . my 2.2 years has lots of ASD symptoms like No speech, No focus, No pointing, does not understand any command. She is always in her own play. No peer interaction at all.

I have also got one suggestion for goat's milk. Please advise milk quantity we have to give as like medicine or as much kid wants..

BlankTimes · 09/09/2019 23:12


You are posting on a zombie thread. The last post on this thread before yours is dated April 10 years ago, it's likely that the poster isn't still checking this board.

You'll get a better response if you start your own thread and ask for opinions which aren't 10 years old.

Dami14 · 28/11/2019 11:35

Hi which is better, goat or camel milk for autism. The camel milk at Asda is small quantity and expensive to buy.
Please any advice

LottieBalloo · 28/11/2019 23:27

Asd is a neurological difference. Look up neurodiversity and appreciate difference. Cant believe people are drinking different types of milk!!

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