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My little girls has Downs

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ThomCat · 16/04/2003 17:50

Just joined Mumsnet and the first place I looked was for a conversation about special needs. I feel disappointed in myself for doing so because it shouldn't have been the first thing on my mind but i guess it's just nice to be in the loopwith other mums who might experience some of the stuff that goes hand in hand with having a child with special needs.
I just want to say that you really shouldn't be too worried for your friend who's new baby has Down's. It really isn't that huge a problem. He/she will walk, talk, be incredibly giving and joyful and go to a 'normal' school, and has the chance to gain qualifications, get a job, live independantly, but even if he/she doesn't manage some/all of those things, so what, they'll always have a child without all the worries of the world on their shoulders and a smile on their face (well most of the time!) People who meet Charlotte are bowled over by her, she laughs ALL the ime and is doinf really, really well, she's never given us a moments concern. Best of luck to you and your friend, she's actually very, very lucky.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 16/04/2003 19:28

hi thomcat- glad you joined us - your dd sounds lovely. how old is she?

scoobysnax · 16/04/2003 20:05

Hi ThomCat,
what a lovely posting! I think a few people have suggested that Mumsnet start a topic on special needs - maybe we will get one soon!

ThomCat · 17/04/2003 17:22

hey, i got replies!! hi Jimjams and Scoobysnax. I have a feeling I'll be snaeking off my work projects to chat quite a bit.
My little girl is fab, and i know every mum says it, but she really, truly is! She's 16 months old now (I'm 31, 32 this August). I didn't know Charlotte was going to have Down's and I'm actually glad I didn't know before. If I'd known I would have worried, without need, and read up on all the problems that may (but don't usually) happen etc etc.
My partner said a lovely thing the other day, he said that he feels sorry for everyone else in his office because they just get up, travel to work and arrive in the office probably a bit pissed off, but he on the other hand arrives into the office having spent a good part of the morning laughing out loud at Charlotte!
I didn't dream it could be this good. i adore being her Mum and I'm really happy to have discovered this fab site.
Looking forward to chatting to you ladies.
Much love and happiness - Thomcat XX

OP posts:
bayleaf · 17/04/2003 20:08

Never mind your daughter Thomcat - YOU sound lovely! Welcome to Mumsnet! -
It's great here ( but horribly addictive - I can confirm your worst fears !)

mears · 18/04/2003 06:48

scoobysnax - a new topic thread is there for special needs.

mears · 18/04/2003 06:49

Welcome Thomcat - lovely post. Happy easter to you and yours

scoobysnax · 18/04/2003 10:22

Thanks Mears! Can't believe I hadn't noticed that!

pupuce · 18/04/2003 19:51

Hi Thomcat

Thanks for your post - which I presume was an answer to one of mine (friend has baby with downs).
It was a lovely post and reassuring as well...

Welcome to Mumsnet !

ThomCat · 22/04/2003 12:51

Hi girls
Yes Pupuce, my post was in reply to your posting, it was my first time(!) and somehow I created a new heading. I'm glad it was reassuring to you. I just spent 4 days back to back with Lottie which doesn't happen often being a working Mum and I said to my partner, 'when was the last time Lottie cried?' and neither of us can remeber. All our relatives were asking us over the course of the weekend 'Is Cahrlotte always like this?' by which they meant 'is she always so good natured?' and the answer is yes. And all the mums I've met with children with Down's say the same thing about their kids. You sound like a fab friend to have which makes your friend in France double lucky! Keep caring, but don't worry about her. Nice to hear back from you.
And thanks Bayleaf, I've definatley got the bug! I've phoned all my mates who are mums and told them about this site.
Looking forward to more chats with you all.
Hope you all had as nice an Easter as I did - xx

OP posts:
smartie · 22/04/2003 14:12

I just wanted to reiterate what Thomcat says about children/people with Downs, that they are consistently positve happy people, although in Charlottes case perhaps there's a bit of gentical breeding at work, both her parents sound lovely!
I am a nurse for people with learning disabilities and some of my 'nicer' clients have had Downs, definately a positive 'affliction'!

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