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Quick question with Aspergers form.

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macwoozy · 13/04/2005 17:23

Hi, Is anyone familiar with the Aspergers syndrome profile questionaire produced by Val Cumine. I've been asked to fill one out by my ds's SALT. Most of it is pretty straight forward but just need a little help on a few of them. It's a case of just ticking boxes, 1 being no cause for concern, up to 5 being great cause for concern.

"Ability to follow social cues in 1:1 with adults, children, group interaction?" Sorry for sounding stupid, but what are social cues, would that mean verbal or gesturing?
"Ability to understand implied meanings?" Ehhh?

God help my little brain cell, it can't cope with this.

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Saker · 13/04/2005 17:34

I would interpret social cues to be both non-verbal and verbal, so things like when someone starts to show signs they want to end a conversation and leave, or prefers not to talk about something, that sort of thing.

"ability to understand implied meanings" - I would interpret this as understanding something that hasn't been explicitly said. I'm struggling to think of an example, but something like "And that was the last time they saw the cat." Implying (in context) that the cat is dead. Sorry that's a terrible example but the best I can come with in a hurry.

I don't have any experience of this questionnaire so if anyone has better interpretations (and examples)....

Saker · 13/04/2005 17:35

Sorry you were asking for people with experience....please ignore me - I'll go and get on with the tea.

binkie · 13/04/2005 17:44

An example I've heard of implied meaning is grasping an indirect request - "this washing is heavy, it would help if the door was open" (= "please open the door for me, would you?")

binkie · 13/04/2005 17:46

oh, also no experience of the particular questionnaire but have read lots about AS as ds (6) shows some similar features - eg he'd only understand the door request if I did an elaborate pleading face at same time

macwoozy · 13/04/2005 17:48

Right, got it now, why on earth didn't I interpret it like that.
Thanks Saker and binkie.

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