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Anyone got a child with ERBS PALSY?

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Njata · 09/04/2005 12:26

Hi, pretty new here. I've got 2 kids, both autistic, but eldest (now 5) also has Erbs Palsy, 2 ops so far but he still can't raise his arm above the shoulder, or straight out in front or to the side. He is very uncooperative with letting me do his physio, does anyone have a child with Erbs and autism and do you manage to get their co-operation? I still feel awful about the whole thing and it would be good to be in contact with someone who has been thru the same thing.

(Erbs Palsy is a birth injury where nerve damage occurs as a result of the baby's head being delivered but the shoulders getting wedged and excessive forced being used to pull them out, stretching or severing the nerves that control the arm, leving them with a paralysed arm)

OP posts:
louismama · 09/04/2005 23:37

Hi sorry no advise but just wanted to bump your thread up abit, there are loads of people on here with autistic kids and friends with other sn kids so i hope somone can advise soon. On your omega 3 thread check for archived msgs there was one on omega 3 recently .

Njata · 10/04/2005 12:16

thanks! Noone seems to be talking to me! I am begining to feel like the unpopular kid in school that noone wants to play with at break!

OP posts:
macwoozy · 10/04/2005 18:21

Hi Njata, love to be able to help but no expereince of Erbs Palsy, actually never even heard it before. My ds is autistic also. Anyway just thought I'd say Hi.

maddiemo · 10/04/2005 19:01

Hello Njata. I have a son with autism. I am aware of Erbs Palsy as I had problems delivering his shoulders buthe does not have EP.

My son does have to do facial exercises but luckily accepts it as part of his routine, although I regret the Dr trying to get ds to do the exercises himself as he will now pinch his face until it bleeds but thinks he is being good.

Do you see a physio? Is there any one at your cdc who could help and establish a routine with the two of you.

Njata · 10/04/2005 20:45

hi. Thanks. Yes, he saw a physio for the first few years, but it was every few months just to update. They taught me how to do the exercises as they need to be done daily, so I know how to do the physio, but he resists! And now he's getting bigger, it is not possible to do them against his will!! I try to explain to him why its so vital but he doesnt get it, as his understanding of language is about that of a 12-18 month old (he will be 6 next month). At the moment I do what I can and try to make it a game, but he is loosing function and noone I talk to can tell me how to get him to allow me to do the excercises and have him not throw himself on the floor halfway thru!!

OP posts:
binkybetsy · 10/04/2005 21:34

Please go to your GP and ask him to refer you to a Paediatric OT. They should advise you on activities to do with your son which will aim to maintain or improve his function whilst avoiding the "lift your arm above your head 10 times" scenario, which can become really tiresome for a young child. They will focus as well on his activities that he needs to do everyday, working towards independence with things like dressing etc and best of all they should try to make it fun, like games.
Hope this helps

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