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Fab gluten and dairy free sandwiches at Boots

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JakB · 08/04/2005 18:32

Spotted them today. Chicken salad. Gave to dd for tea and she LOVED. Only suspect ingredient I could see is a bit of concentrated apple juice, but only a bit

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RnB · 08/04/2005 18:40

Message withdrawn

JakB · 08/04/2005 18:52

As good as GF bread gets!!!

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SueW · 08/04/2005 19:22

My boss got a new type of GF bread included in her last prescription (she's coeliac) and it was so fab she was trying to get everyone else to try it.

beccaboo · 08/04/2005 20:30

Oooh, I'm excited, rushing to Boots . Did you taste it yourself JakB? It would be so great to know I can pick up something that ds can eat when we're out and about. He likes sandwiches made with EnerG bread - but at £3.49 a loaf it works out quite expensive.

SueW, do you know what the bread was?

JakB · 09/04/2005 09:25

Beccaboo, yes, it was really palatable! I am really excited about this, such a nightmare as you can never 'pick something up' to eat, can you?!!!!

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