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Lump on left foot - afo??

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MABS · 24/03/2005 18:16

Ds, aged 4 (mild left hemi cp)wears an AFO. This week have noticed a lump about size of small marble near back on ankle. Have rung physio 4 times but no reply. D'you think i should take splint off him? anyone had this happen? he says is doesn't hurt and it is very hard, not fleshy. But he is falling over a lot at the mo.Any thoughts?

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MABS · 25/03/2005 12:56


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beccaboo · 27/03/2005 21:09

Hi Mabs. I don't know what an AFO is (sorry) but I have lump on my ankle which sounds very similar. It is a ganglion cyst - totally benign, something that can occur with overuse of a particular joint. Could it be this?

Blu · 30/03/2005 14:54

Any luck with an appointment, Mabs?

I shouldn't think there's any harm in continuing to wear his splint if it isn't hurting him.
Take him to the GP for a look at the lump?

Becca, AFO - ankle foot orthotic, aka splint.

MABS · 30/03/2005 21:24

No luck at all Blu, and we go on holiday at w/e. Having said that he's got a tummy bug at the mo, so I've rather lost track of his foot !!!

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