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MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 10:34

Thinking about how we all love to chat- but are in such different places that we never get to meet those we enjoy chatting to

So how about we agree a time/date where we all meet-up .....could get a bit chaotic on a single maybe someone can think of a good way on running this...amybe we all post a thread with our name as a tile so you can speak directly to that person....or just go on normal threads within the SEN board so we can mingle/

what d'you think?

OP posts:
JaysMum · 03/03/2005 11:25

Blossom and I know of an excellent Bar that we use to natter in.....Im sure they wouldnt mind us all using it!!!!
It on a site that is for ASD families.

The only problem I have had lately is that with everything thats going on I am really busy...poor old Bloss and I keep missing each other!!!!!

The only time the Bar gets really busy is on a Sunday night.....any other time its quiet there.

Good idea Mrs choose the date, place and time and I'll be there.

Chocol8 · 03/03/2005 11:27

Sounds like a great idea MrsF! x

MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 11:37

So that's Chocs,J's Mum, Blossom, me and who else ....i bet Coppertop will be there!

I suggested this as i just feel that many of us are going through quite a rough patch at the moment....not hust the ones i mentioned above!!!

Alot of us simply are so wound up in out 'Fight for our children' that we haven't got the time to post.

I keep 'just missing' BH too.

And CT and I have't had a 'Banter' for ages.

OP posts:
heartinthecountry · 03/03/2005 11:39

I'll join you if I can ladies - life is a bit hectic at the mo so haven't been able to post on mumsnet that much recently.

Tiggiwinkle · 03/03/2005 11:44

Count me in too please!

MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 11:53

I just feel that where am so busy i squeeze in a few minutes on here...loiter to see if anyone's around....then give up as i'm alone ....then when i come back on later that day i find that i 'just missed' being joined by a pal!!!
I missed Macwoozy yesterday by minutes and therefore missed that trisha programe that i would have died to watch...but then managed to miss mac's second attempt about the repeat!!! So i was very peed off

I just feel that if we set a day and time that we'd all 'allow ourselves some ME time' (that's what my psycholgist says i NEVER do!.....appart fom MN!)...and if we knew that many of us would all be perched at our p.cs allover the world (!) all at the samen time- then we would feel TOTALLY SUPPORTED!!!

OP posts:
MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 11:55

I also feel i need to 'do a public logging off' so i feel i've said bye bye!!!

OP posts:
coppertop · 03/03/2005 12:10

Here's a perfect example of me missing everyone yet again! I'll be in it too as long as this bl**dy computer lets me. The Active Conversations button seems to have gone AWOL on my computer so at the moment I'm finding everyone by clicking on "Last Hour". Grrrrr!

dinosaur · 03/03/2005 12:20

I'd like to if you'll have me

SleepyJess · 03/03/2005 12:21

Me too please, if I can. When? Where?

MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 12:40
OP posts:
ThomCat · 03/03/2005 12:43

good idea, I'll virtually be there!

MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 12:44

now i need someone to make a decision as to when etc....i am scared what i say won't be any good!!!!

OP posts:
ThomCat · 03/03/2005 12:46

A vote?

Day or evening.
Week day or weekend?

i vote for evening and a week night, after 8pm.


MrsFROSTgetful · 03/03/2005 12:47

Hmmmmmmmm.......[she sits with a thoughtful look].....maybe we could say 8pm-11pm EVERY NIGHT!!!!! (not that we have to sit there every night- nor for 3 hours)
then we could have a daytime slot too (whilst the darlings are away....)
Maybe 11-2pm....

wondering what u think of that- kind of a 'drop- in clinic....wher we could post and KNOW that we all tend to 'pop in' around then???

OP posts:
coppertop · 03/03/2005 13:04

Yippeeee! Thanks, MrsF! If I type in the SearchTalk?lastn=50 I get the Active Conversations page. Hurray! No idea why it's suddenly disappeared from my screen in the first place though.

If I'm around in the evenings it's usually sometime between about 8 and 11 so that would be a good time for me too.

chatee · 03/03/2005 13:06

me too please....

Blossomhill · 03/03/2005 16:44

You know I'll be there
Just tell me when.....

maddiemo · 03/03/2005 16:51

Me too, please.

coppertop · 03/03/2005 23:12

Anyone decided on a time yet?

macwoozy · 04/03/2005 09:23

Ooooh, May I come please?

MrsFROSTgetful · 04/03/2005 09:39


All Aboard....TICKETS PLEASE!!!!

Let's experiment here......lets see how many of us can get on board for our maiden journey

TONIGHT @ 8pm?????

If you can't make it as usual when u can and my 'DUTY' today will be to 'BUMP' up your threads so we can 'pretend u r there'!!!

Let's just see what happens.....and open a bottle or 2 as we go!!!

(mind you i can't drink if i take my antidepressant as prescribed at if i 9 i will be asleep - crashed out on the keyboard!)

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coppertop · 04/03/2005 12:07

I can probably make it for about 8.30ish. If I 'disappear' it's only because the thread(s) have got so long that my poor old computer won't open them.

beccaboo · 04/03/2005 13:23

Can I come too please? (if I can get ds into bed by 8pm). Can anyone explain how it'll work, I haven't done this before.

Blossomhill · 04/03/2005 13:26

So where's it all happening Mrfs???

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