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It's time for all good mumsnetters to come to the aid or another

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ThomCat · 25/02/2005 21:08

Hi girls.
Please could you all do something really lovely for Jimjams DS? Well of course you will.
Will you please go and take a picture of your washing machine, you can then eithr scan it in and email it to me as a j-peg or have it develoiped, asap, and post it to me. (Contact me for my address through mumsnet).

Thank you all so much.
I know you won't let me down and I look forward to receiving pics of your washing machines very soon.

JimJmas - are there any other white goods that he'd like while we're at it?

OP posts:
pixiefish · 25/02/2005 21:09

will do... can i ask why???

how do i get your email addy

partymoo · 25/02/2005 21:10

No probs, can do that.

Jimjams · 25/02/2005 21:10

he likes any- microwaves, tumble dryers dishwasher, hoovers of course. quite keen on toilets!

dejags · 25/02/2005 21:11

have CAT'd you TC. Pictures of all appliances on there way.

yoyo · 25/02/2005 21:11

Perhaps one of us could go to a retail park armed with a digital camera and storm Currys, Dixons, Comet, etc. Might even be able to pick up some high-tech specs of the latest machines. They wouldn't mind would they?

coppertop · 25/02/2005 21:11

What about those freebie leaflets with washing machines etc on them? I'm going into town tomorrow and can keep any eye out for them if ds1 would like them.

toomanypushchairs · 25/02/2005 21:12

have camera, have computer, have white goods but don't know how to email pics from my files.....?

dejags · 25/02/2005 21:13

yoyo - I am currently shopping for two new kitchens (one for my house and one for a house we are developing) and 5 new bathrooms. Will go armed with my camera next week when I visit the shops to price everything.

ThomCat · 25/02/2005 21:13

Thanks girls, and you heard jimjams, get taking those pictures.

Pixiefish, Jimjams son has autism and there is something about looking at pictures of washing machines, and the other things jimjams mentions that soothes him a bit, (is that right JJ) and with 2 other young children to cope with a tiny thing like this could make such a differnce them, even if it works for one day and one day only, it doesn't matter.

You'll all do this won't you girls.

OP posts:
bunny2 · 25/02/2005 21:13

I'll try to get some digital pics tomorrw

serenequeen · 25/02/2005 21:14

sorry i can't do this - no digital camera. but if i had i would do it.

jimjams - i know we haven't always seen eye to eye on immunisations, but if i could do this for you i would. i have always very much appreciated your generosity in supporting other mnetters with jab queries (including me).

love to you and your family, sqxxx

popsycal · 25/02/2005 21:14

thomcat - why not set up a hotmail account temporarily and post the address here......then people can get them you you quickly?

partymoo · 25/02/2005 21:15

Good idea - CATing is pretty slow and dependent on someone being there to forward stuff.

ThomCat · 25/02/2005 21:15

I don't know what CAT'd is but thanks!

As many pics for whatever source is great. But thought it would be nice to have a mumnet washing machine (and other appliances etc) for him.

OP posts:
ThomCat · 25/02/2005 21:16

Ummmm, okay, how do I set up a hotmail account?
Shall I just give you my work email address now?

OP posts:
JakB · 25/02/2005 21:17

Absolutely! Mine is a foxy silver number.

ThomCat · 25/02/2005 21:18

Bugger battery dead on my digital will do mine tomorrow.

OP posts:
Beetroot · 25/02/2005 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

popsycal · 25/02/2005 21:18

i wouldnt give work email...
you to and register an email address - or

pixiefish · 25/02/2005 21:19

have taken pics of washing machine, dishwasher and fridge freezer- as soon as you give me an email addy then i'll email it.

yes you can set one up with yahoo or someone-it's web based and better for dealing with internet things as you're not gicving out your email address.

toomanypushchairs · 25/02/2005 21:20

no one has told me how to do this yet!

dejags · 25/02/2005 21:20

TC - it means Contact Another Talker - you should get an email from me via MN soon.


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frogs · 25/02/2005 21:21

Am an eejit who has not yet mastered digital photography, and afraid my nerves will not stand an attempt to achieve that this w/e. But happy to order washing machine catalogues in my name and forward them to a RL address if that wd help. Am pretty much in love with my Miele washing machine, so can understand where jj ds1 is coming from...

Twiglett · 25/02/2005 21:22

what about some of these? .. there's 35,000 images is that enough

JakB · 25/02/2005 21:22

Miele...OOOHHhhhhhhhhh... Nice

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