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JaysMum · 18/02/2005 10:44

Any one interested?????????

Poo I forgot to check the dates Mrs F is going to be there!!!!!!

Back in a sec!!!!

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JaysMum · 18/02/2005 10:45

21st - 25th March.

Anyone game??????

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Jimjams · 18/02/2005 10:46

would love to, is close enough to me, but couldn't manage my 3- not sure ds1 would go in anyway....

coppertop · 18/02/2005 10:47

I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea where Minehead is. I am geographically-challenged.

FineFigureFio · 18/02/2005 10:47

do your kids have to be autistic? or could we come too?

FineFigureFio · 18/02/2005 10:48

its near to bristol

i think

coppertop · 18/02/2005 10:52

Do we take our little 'darlings' with us or is it adults-only? (fnarr!) It's probably a bit too far for me but I'll see what I can do.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill · 18/02/2005 10:58

You'll miss me by about 4 days

JaysMum · 18/02/2005 11:02

Kids MUST come tooooooooooooooooo.

Oh Bloss cant you try and get extra time could come down to us and stay over for a couple of days .....PLEASE

Minehaed is off junction 23/24 of the M5 south bound!!!

OP posts:
pixel · 18/02/2005 12:05

Minehead is north Somerset and I love it there. Haven't been for ages boohoo!

MrsFROSTgetful · 18/02/2005 14:44

Day Visitors 2005

Adult Child Family

All Day £12.00 £9.00 £36.00

Day Visit Hotline: 01643 700517

Entry times: 9:30am - 6pm

Last admission: 4pm

new this year is a BOB THE BUILDER AREA

coppertop · 18/02/2005 14:52

Is the meet-up during the holidays or at the weekend? Sorry for all the daft questions but my ears are still ringing and I can't think straight.

MrsFROSTgetful · 18/02/2005 14:53

its the week with Good Friday in it!

MrsFROSTgetful · 18/02/2005 14:55

we go home on the friday...check out of room at 10am....but don't plan to leave minehead till 6 or 7...GOD! i would be so happy if you could make it!
I am definitely going to make my way to one of the london meets this year....and if so wiill make a weekend of it and visit YOU!!! (i'll help you sort the clutter!!!!!)

coppertop · 18/02/2005 14:58

I'll have to look at train prices, timetables etc but it may be possible. I think under-5's travel for free on the train don't they?

I should start heading all my posts with "DAFT QUESTION ALERT!"

JaysMum · 18/02/2005 14:58

Ive just checked the old calendar and realsied its going to be the week before Easter!!!!!!!

Good Friday is the 25th. Might be very busy there that MRs F will be packing up to get going home.

How about Thursday 24th.....a lot of the schools in North Devon/Somerset dont break up til the end of this might just be a little bit quieter.....what am I saying???'s never quiet a Butlins!!!!!!

OP posts:
JaysMum · 18/02/2005 14:59

Oh Hello you two!!!!!

I'm meant to be tidying up!!!!!!!!!

Kids dont remember dust.......thats my new moto!!!!

OP posts:
MrsFROSTgetful · 18/02/2005 15:02

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAgggggh! Tidying up!!! THAT is what i should be doing!!!!!

Hi J's mum! Where's that CT gone too...i reckon her two cherubs have been woken up!

BH...chocol8....c'mon....complete the ensemble!!!!

coppertop · 18/02/2005 15:03

I've just checked our calendar and ds2 has an appointment on 23rd March at the CDC.

Oh b*gger! Ds1 is still at school on the 24th!

coppertop · 18/02/2005 15:04

Put the duster DOWN and step away from the clutter! There'll be no housework attempted while on this thread!

JaysMum · 18/02/2005 15:06

25th then???????? I think BH starts her assessment at BIBIC on the Monday after.....BH you can come and stay with us probs.

OP posts:
coppertop · 18/02/2005 15:08

Isn't the 25th Good Friday? The train would cost a fortune. B*gger! Just as I was about to make it to my first-ever SN meet-up.

MrsFROSTgetful · 18/02/2005 15:09

grab a donkey!


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JaysMum · 18/02/2005 15:10

Where do you live CT????

OP posts:
toomanypushchairs · 18/02/2005 15:12

Sorry, just saw this thread don't think butlins minehead is open at easter, you might need to check. Of course I might be wrong, so don't quote me!

JaysMum · 18/02/2005 15:13

It is open.....or else Mrs F is sleeping rough in minehead!!!!

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