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CONNERS it 'just' for ADHD etc

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MrsFROSTgetful · 15/02/2005 22:26

L has a dx of Aspergers and is permantly 'on the move' and gets very angry/anxious - so she gave me the conners questionairre...just wondered what else she may have in mind- as i dont't see him as ADHD....ds1 has ADHD....DS3 looks the same as DS1 behaviour feel confused as to ds2 being 'so different' but still ADHD????

I feel able to explain the perpetual motion within the 'AS' dx.....and the anger/anxiety seems to be as a result of all the stresses he feels when 'things change...or things go wrong/break'

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JaysMum · 15/02/2005 23:33

Sneaked on for 5 mins before bed!!!!

Mrs it not common for both Aspergers and ADHD to often go hand in hand????

J has so many traits associated with Aspergers and is undergoing his assessment in May as an independent EP said he was 99% sure that J has Aspergers and that he should be recognised as a child on the AS....he was first dx with ADHD....although his Connors rating score did not suggest he has ADHD....he certainly has many traits of ADD....just not the hyperactivity.I can now tell the difference between his Asperger & ADD behaviours.

Good luck anyway....hope things get sorted for you and ds.

MrsFROSTgetful · 15/02/2005 23:40

it was just the fact that L has never struck me as ADHD...though when you mention ADD (NOT the Hyperactive bit) ....well that may make sense!

Hadn't thought of that!!!

also i know that ADHD can present first then AS gets this feels the wrong way round....but thinking about ADD....well does make more sense

thanks for putting a different angle on it!

OP posts:
JaysMum · 16/02/2005 00:19

Im still not convinced that J has ADD.....pretty sure his concentration difficulties are actually him not fully understanding what is being said along with his Sensory Dysfunction.....but who am I to question the professionals....I mean they are qualified....and I am not......bad day with the pro's....can you tell?????

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