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Hi, new member needing support/info.

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Saacsmum · 07/02/2005 02:01

This may be a long post, sorry. I am the mum of a baby boy who is now 20wks old. He was born at 39 weeks and shortly after birth suffered a pneumoperitonium (hole essentially) in his bowel (causing green projectile vomitting) and spent 2wks in NICU. After coming home for 5 days we were rushed back as he went down hill with bright yellow projectile vomitting. He had surgery as a bridge of scar tissue from the hole had trapped his bowel. another 10 days in HDU and home again for 6 then rushed back with projectile vomitting once more. After numerous tests they couldnt find the cause and we were sent home. I went off dairy products (he is breastfed) and within 2 days the vomitting went from up to 8 times a day to nothing. He continued to be very unsettled and had blood in poohs. Paed confirmed serious cows milk protein allergy and reflux. To cut a long story short he is also allergic to soy and doesnt produce enough lactase to break down the lactose in my breastmilk. He is currently gaining weight and we continue to breastfeed as trying to get him to take a bottle was an unmittigated disaster. I have been told that allergies are common in children who have had abdominal surgery and he may grow out of them. He currently feeds every 2 hours day and night and I am getting exhausted but worry that he may need to drink little and often for his poor system to cope. Any info or similar cases would be welcome reading as I really need reassurance that things will get better. Thanks for reading.

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Socci · 07/02/2005 02:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bobbybob · 07/02/2005 02:20

Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. Have you considered taking probiotics yourself so that some get through in your breastmilk? Our circumstances were very different admittedly, but it could help and can't hurt.

Saacsmum · 07/02/2005 02:47

hi, thanks for your posts, I give him probiotics mixed in half a teaspoon of pear as his specialist said this may help his gut, has not made much difference that we can see but he seems to enjoy it so will continue

OP posts:
JakB · 07/02/2005 07:49

Saacsmum, sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. I have no experience of this (my little girl has autism) but you will get so much support here. Welcome!

Merlot · 07/02/2005 08:09

Hello Saacsmum, what a grim time you have had

Sorry I've not got any specific advice (my ds2 has developmental delay), but just wanted to say welcome too. I'm sure there will be someone along before too long who can give you some words of wisdom

collision · 07/02/2005 08:20

Welcome to Mumsnet.

I cannot imagine what the last few months have been like for you. You will get lots of support here so just keep posting and you will make lots of friends!

Potty1 · 07/02/2005 08:41

Saacsmum - hi welcome to mumsnet, sorry that your little boy has been so poorly. I don't have experience of abdominal surgery in my own child but did have it myself (intersucception which resulted in a perf. bowel). The only reassurance I can offer is that despite a really rough time as a babe I am now pretty healthy and don't have much in the way of stomach problems other than contispation and a bit of an aversion to really rich/fatty food.

I can sympathise with the feeding side of things though. My dd has heart disease and was a poor feeder. She was tube fed for some time and was fed two hourly. She refluxed a lot and her feeds were thickened so it could take the whole two hours to get it down. It was exhausting and I wasn't bf so it must be 10 times worse for you - at least I could get a break from it sometimes. Are you expressing so that someone else can feed once in a while or is that not possible?

Dingle · 07/02/2005 10:55

Welcome Saacsmum, you will get so much support here!
My dd is now 3 and has DS, in the early days her feeding was a nightmare and she was tube fed for the first week, after that I would spend an hour trying to get 10-15 mls down her, throw it away and have to wake her to start all over again in an hour or so! Luckily for us, things improved dramatically when she started weaning.
I am sorry I have no knowledge or experience to offer you, but you will certainly not be alone on here!!

onlyjoking9329 · 07/02/2005 11:03

just wanted to welcome you, i have no experiece to offer you, sounds like you have had a really rough time, i hope someone will be able to give you some answers.

amynnixmum · 07/02/2005 11:14

Welcome to mumsnet Saacsmum,
So sorry that your little boy is so ill {{{hugs}}}. No experience of this sorry.

bobbybob · 07/02/2005 23:33

Just posted on the allergy thread for you...

SkiBunnyFlummy · 07/02/2005 23:41

Gosh how traumatic. Newborns are hard work enough. No advice as no experience of this, but welcome anyway. I hope he does grow out of it for all your sakes. I am sure it will get easier as you get more familiar with his needs though.

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