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Wheelchair ramps????

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KatieMac · 03/02/2005 22:15

Before we start can I just say, I am having one, I haven't considered giving up and having steps etc....BUT

I am having an extension built, I am a childminder, I truly believe in Equal Opps etc.
I am expected to build a wheelchair ramp. This is going to cost me over £1000 and apparently I am not elegible for any funding because I work from my own home. If I worked in a setting (eg Nursery) I would be eligilbe for help.

I have been told I can ignore the law and put steps in as that will cost about £200.

I think this is unfair to me (because of the cost) and unfair to potential customers (eg Mums of children with that particular special need) - who may never find a C/Mer 'cos most will go with the cheaper option.

What do Mumsnetters think?

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Hulababy · 03/02/2005 22:18

I agree - it seems very unfair Is there anyone else you can approach for help with funding for this.

I would imagine many CM would probably go for the steps only option, as so much cheaper!

lou33 · 03/02/2005 22:34

am sure there is a place you can get portable ramps from, but will have to do research for you. Would that be any help if it was cheaper?

Agree it seems v unfair

As a mum of a wheelchair user i would be cross to discover that

KatieMac · 03/02/2005 22:34

Not sure who to try - the council say no way so do the the Employment Service

and I have to say that although important - there are many ways that a childminder could create an environment for a special needs child other then a wheel chair ramp.....don't you think?

OP posts:
KatieMac · 03/02/2005 22:36

Lou33 - I'd be very interested in a portable ramp - esp as I could get one for the back door as well....(well depending on price )

OP posts:
Hulababy · 03/02/2005 22:39

Just done a quick google for portable wheel chair ramps. Anything suitable here:

wheelchair ramps

Roller ramp

\link{\access ramps)

These are the first 3 I found on google.

lou33 · 03/02/2005 22:44

i will have a looksie

KatieMac · 03/02/2005 22:46

They are so cheap there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why all businesses can't have them.

I never thought about a portable ramp, and I've even got somewhere to keep it

And I'd be able to use it on both doors (probably)

What a fantastic idea

OP posts:
lou33 · 03/02/2005 22:51


KatieMac · 03/02/2005 22:52

Hmmm - big problem it look like my ramp would have to be 20ft long (for unassisted wheelchair use)
Would assisted wheel chair use be any good?

OP posts:
lou33 · 03/02/2005 22:58

imo assisted is probably more likely with childminding ( or am i dreaming you are childminding?), as most children are not old enough to judge speed or distance. Any ramping is better than none.

KatieMac · 03/02/2005 23:04

Oh absolutely - if I could get a bit of funding i'd go with the whole shebang (as it were)

But do you really think a portable ramp would be an acceptable compromise?

I really do accept that businesses need to be 'equal opps' in childminding we use equal concern as the thought is that all children are not equal or the same but they should all have the chance to do the same activities.

I just need to translate that to my setting. What if an adult wheelchair user wished to bring his/her child....would assisted use be any good?

OP posts:
lou33 · 03/02/2005 23:08

that's a good question katie, but if it were me, i would say the fact that you had any sort of ramp would be welcomed.

KatieMac · 03/02/2005 23:11

I'm going to contact my local mobility shop - they might be able to do a survey/risk assessment/sort of thing and advise me.

Or tell me who can

Night and thanks for the help

OP posts:
lou33 · 03/02/2005 23:13

i wonder if it would be worth approaching charities such as scope and ask for funding?

Gwenick · 03/02/2005 23:13

I'd agree. My mum's just getting an assisted wheelchair for the first time. Until now she's been struggling to walk even short distances and find steps a real struggle. As a result she ALWAYS used the ramps where avaiable rather than using the steps - and was always really appreciative of them.

I'm sure parents in wheelchairs would be delighted that at least you've made SOME sort of provision, and those with difficulties walking (like my mum) would also find it a great help

KatieMac · 04/02/2005 19:21

Does anyone know any more about Wheelchair ramps?

How steep?

How Long?


OP posts:
lou33 · 04/02/2005 19:45

i think your best bet would be to call the children with disabilites team in your local area and ask to speak to an occuptional therapist or someone who delas with health and safety

they have rules and regs about what the slope gradient whould be

iirc it should be 1 in 20 for self propelling and 1 in 12 for assisted help

was talking to ds2's ot about it on tuesday because the infant school is getting ready to take him in sept into reception


KatieMac · 04/02/2005 19:57

That's a great idea - I got nowhere with the disability shop.....

OP posts:
lou33 · 04/02/2005 20:03

what area do you come under?

KatieMac · 04/02/2005 20:13

Norfolk/Great Yarmouth

OP posts:
KatieMac · 18/02/2005 22:14

Great News - Business Link phoned me.

Someone contact them and said I was looking for a grant for a ramp. Could he come to see me on Wed am to discuss a grant of £350 which may be avail !!!!!

So that goes a little way towards the £1000

BTW I looked into the portable ramps and got a quote of £873 +vat+del so concrete is in

OP posts:
KatieMac · 22/02/2005 14:05

Oh no Wheelchair Ramp estimate is for £2600

£350 doesn't look like much of a grant now

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lou33 · 22/02/2005 15:17

is there anyone else you can approach for funding?

KatieMac · 22/02/2005 17:51

Well I've made some phone calls - but it doesn't look very hopeful.....

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coppertop · 22/02/2005 18:02


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