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demdem1993 · 04/03/2024 10:34

So we've applied for DLA in January got the forms sent back by 11th February. I called last week but the hold time was over an hour so I left it. I call today and a new message at the start of the call says "a letter will be sent out by the end of April with your entitlement" is this a generic message or specific to me. It's literally says it straight after the first choice of "do you want to speak to someone in English"

OP posts:
Headfirstintothewild · 04/03/2024 11:15

You are unlikely to receive a decision by April. The automated message is about the rates going up.

demdem1993 · 04/03/2024 11:26

Ah I see. Thank you. Just got off the phone with them after waiting for an hour. She said they have my forms but not inputted in the system yet and will probs get payment in June. She said 16 weeks it's taking now

OP posts:
Mumof1J · 04/03/2024 15:27

Hi all. My scan date for my son’s DLA new claim is 20th December 2023. Does anyone know the current wait times or what date they are currently getting through please. Thank you

ST2409 · 04/03/2024 16:24

Hi I was about to post about the same thing! I also sent mine of in jan and I called today and it’s the same message I’ll receive a letter by the end of April.

demdem1993 · 04/03/2024 16:27

I got through after an hour on hold, and the lady said the application has arrived but isn't in the system yet. And could take up to 16 weeks. So sent the forms off 17th February and should get the entitlement in June.

OP posts:
Whatafustercluck · 05/03/2024 07:50

We sent ours off just before Christmas, got an acknowledgement just after Christmas stating 'decision in up to 12 weeks', received a further letter last week stating that it's now 15 weeks to get a decision.

demdem1993 · 05/03/2024 08:29

Mine was sent 2 and half weeks ago and still no text or letter. But now I've called up and know they have it all I'm just gonna put it at the back of my mind

OP posts:
Scorp7DarkWitch · 05/03/2024 14:17

Well I sent off the claim 13/11/23 didn’t receive any correspondence until middle of January when received two separate letters dated 12th and 15th which basically said I did not need to contact them and they were processing the claim which they received 20/11/23. Both letters stated a wait time of 15wks; but when I called the helpline that message stated at least 20wks until basically they let you ring up to enquire on the decision! As others, I could not wait indefinitely just to be fobbed off by the “ring us back after 20wks” script so I hung up.
Although similar the letter dated 3 days from the other states “Do not worry, you won’t lose any money” along with the generic rest of sorry it’s taking a long time we will write to you etc. etc.
Tbh I find this a little confusing as I do not know whether they will award my son any of the possible benefit, and on that alone why would I worry about losing money that I don’t get and potentially will not be getting?
So from mid January nothing else.
I counted from 20/11/23 to yesterday’s date 4/3/24 making that 15wks since they received it and was ready to ring them and enquire.
At 9:24am 4/3/24 I received a text message from them saying “They are still looking at the child claim and will write when a decision is made. You do not need to contact us”.

So I’ve decided that whichever date they say they receive your claim, does not necessarily mean that’s what they count from to process it, be that 12, 15 or 20 weeks or more. All I can say is that they must abide to fulfilling their commitment to back date any award given up to 3 months or as majority now is, the number of weeks it takes them to process it from receipt which for mine is currently at just under 4 months if, they actually decide my son is entitled.
Trying to have perspective that surely they are processing it properly and thats the reason for this agonising wait because if they don’t award the claim I’m not being penalised further by them delaying possible appeals etc. and to think that this “unknown” is the definitive reason for all this stress and still its the child whom suffers by being denied help. Boggles the mind.
They seem to be very on the ball regarding sending out these notices on the exact day the previous expired, so now I expect it to be at least w/c 27/5/24 before I get an update which is 20wks from the 12th and 15th Jan letters dated from them. Worst case scenario is that I take it from yesterday meaning 20wks would be around w/c 22/7/24.
Who knows but the DWPDM?….🤯😞

Headfirstintothewild · 05/03/2024 14:28

Tbh I find this a little confusing as I do not know whether they will award my son any of the possible benefit, and on that alone why would I worry about losing money that I don’t get and potentially will not be getting?

Some people incorrectly think, if awarded, DLA will only be paid from the date of the decision, so worry the longer wait means they will potentially lose money. When actually, if awarded, DLA is backdated to the date you called for the form (if you called for the form and returned it by the date set) or to the date DWP received the completed form (if you used the form that is online).

Mumof4mmmf · 16/03/2024 12:23

I'm on week 17 still waiting a decision.

twinkle2525 · 17/03/2024 18:12

I'm on week 20!!! X

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