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polkadothotspot · 08/02/2024 11:43


Wondering if anyone can help me with navigating EHCP and if I should pursue one. I've researched it and heard a lot about it but don't really understand if my child needs one. DD7 has ASD and ADHD but is 'high functioning'. She masks incredibly well in school and is achieving in all areas of school.

After reading a thread last night I am starting to panic about burnout at high school. I know it happened to me and looking at experiences from other parents with children with SEN it looks like it's a really common experience.

I am so worried about this happening with DD7, we have just come through a period of huge emotional turmoil for her and her diagnosis and getting help with sleep has meant she has really turned a corner.

Is an EHCP suitable for a child who is performing at school and is it something I should be going for? School haven't mentioned it at all but I do have a meeting with them soon regarding her diagnosis (which was in October).

I am trying to understand it better but from what I read it looks like she wouldn't be suitable for EhCP, my concern is when she starts high school and if it would benefit her then.

I'm sorry if this post comes across as ignorant I'm trying to navigate how to help her as best as possible and have had some brilliant advice from here before.

OP posts:
SearchingForSolitude · 08/02/2024 13:41

EHCPs are about more than academic ability. Think about other areas of development such as social and emotional development.

Does DD need support in excess of what is typically available at a school SEN support level?

The legal threshold for an EHCNA (the initial needs assessment you first request as part of the EHCP process) is relatively low - a) has or may have SEN, and b) may need SEN provision to be made via an EHCP.

What support is the school already providing?

If you have already looked at them IPSEA and SOSSEN’s websites are good places to start for understanding the SEN system.

Mouldyfoot · 08/02/2024 18:11

I would have a look at your local councils send resources and see what their approach is. Mine has what they call a graduated approach and you need to explore all universal support, then in school send resources before an ehcp. I had to bypass my school as they did not believe my son needed support because he masks, but he very much does. I’m going through the EHCP process now

SearchingForSolitude · 08/02/2024 18:24

I would have a look at your local councils send resources and see what their approach is.

I would be wary of this. LA’s often have their own unlawful policies and practices. Despite what many LAs believe the law is the same whatever LA you live in and applies equally to all LAs. The only lawful threshold for an EHCNA is what I posted in my pp. You do not need to go through 2+ rounds of the graduated approach first like many LAs state.

Mouldyfoot · 08/02/2024 20:20

No, I totally agree with you @SearchingForSolitude i meant more to research what they are going to roll out and be prerpared, like I said, I have completely ignored my school and LA and have a complaint in process for their BS

SearchingForSolitude · 08/02/2024 20:22

@Mouldyfoot apologies, I misunderstood your post. Too many LAs roll out the “This is how we do things here” line.

Mouldyfoot · 08/02/2024 20:24

No worries at all ☺️

polkadothotspot · 08/02/2024 21:01

Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for everyone's input. She is definitely behind emotionally and socially but again school have absolutely no concerns, they say she is friends with everyone etc. I can see the difference massively when she is playing with peers.

OP posts:
polkadothotspot · 08/02/2024 21:03

Sorry posted too soon. School aren't really doing anything for her. Other than offering her movement breaks which she is declining. They are a lovely and supportive school but they don't see any of her ASD traits so they seem to be at a loss as to how to help and I don't know how they can help me either in all honesty.

OP posts:
polkadothotspot · 08/02/2024 21:04

Thank you I will look at the local council support and see what they offer. I did have a conversation with someone from the local council team recently and they were really really unhelpful and basically alluded to the fact that she wouldn't be helped in school as her ASD wasn't 'severe' enough .

OP posts:
SearchingForSolitude · 08/02/2024 21:08

It isn’t rare for schools not to see the issues. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The school should be providing support. Request a meeting with the SENCO. Follow up any verbal conversations with email so you have a paper trail should it be required. It is also possible to get an EHCNA when the school could do more but won’t. Ignore the LA.

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