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Dyslexia screening

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Userno63637373737 · 20/01/2024 17:39

Dd has recently had a dyslexia screening which has determined she’s at greater risk of being dyslexic. I know this isn’t a formal assessment or diagnosis. I have not had report from senco yet to see about different areas etc (this is all new to me so please forgive me if my terminology isn’t correct)

dd is in year 4, she’s really been struggling recently. She already has a EHC plan and support at school. She has speech & language delays, motor skill delays (possible dyspraxia but not formally diagnosed), sensory needs and learning disabilities amongst other things. I believe she could be autistic like older ds.

so with the dyslexia screening. What next, can a screening mean things can still be put into place? Can it be used in the EHC plan?

she’s very behind with reading. Currently at year 1/2 level for phonics. I don’t think phonics are doing much. Her speech is still very immature. She was under speech and language but has been signed off and left to ‘natural progression’. Senco is going to try re refer to speech and language. She’s really good at maths though.

any advice? She’s really not enjoying school currently, but she masks at school and they don’t see how unhappy she is.

OP posts:
Nikee20 · 20/01/2024 18:38

Hi, my son who is also in year 4 had the formal assessment recently. He was confirmed as dyslexic.
He gets 25% extra time, uses a laptop for extended writing and has 2 half hour sessions of Nessy a week.
He’s had lots of intervention and is now at the top of the class for reading etc. Still struggles with writing and spelling.

Most of this was put in place before the formal diagnosis, it was the teacher who alerted to us to the possibility of dyslexia.

Have the school put any of this in place for your child? Have they had any intervention?
Would you do the full test rather than the screening or is there a concern they might not manage the whole assessment (there was with my son but he managed it)?

Being dyslexic puts you on the SEND register, you wouldn’t get a EHCP unless you had additional needs.

It could be that the school are trying to get the additional needs side sorted before they put any intervention in.

Do you have a meeting booked to meet with the SENDCO?

The turn around in my son since he got his diagnosis was worth the £550 we paid!

SearchingForSolitude · 20/01/2024 18:42

EHCPs are based on needs, not diagnosis. You should request an early review of DD’s EHCP. At the moment, it is inadequate for all DD’s needs. She needs OT and SALT in there. Probably also assistive technology too. With an EHCP you don’t need to sit on the normal waiting lists, the provision required should be in F and then must be provided.

Alternatively you could request a reassessment of needs.

When was DD last assessed by an EP?

Userno63637373737 · 20/01/2024 19:23

Thanks both.

I’m due to meet the senco soon.

we reviewed her EHCP in Autumn term but I plan to request an early review again if I can. My local authority are shocking too.

I am pushing for OT and not getting anywhere.

She hasn’t seen an EP since pre-school/reception. They supposedly only see a small amount of children per school each year in my area so not enough to go around and because she doesn’t have any behavioural issues she’s slipping under the radar at school!

the services in my area are poor and I believe that she’s slipped through the net due to massive waiting lists.

generally up until year 2 and start of year 3 I’d say she was pretty settled at school. But in more recent months she’s really been hating it but masking at school.

OP posts:
Userno63637373737 · 20/01/2024 19:27

@Nikee20 thank you, I’m glad your son has had lots of intervention. Sadly it hasn’t been the case for dd! She’s had an EHC plan since she was at pre school after being recommended by Ed psych but the school are still going very little! The school are very hot on reading but only if a child has no struggles with reading. Sadly many children get left behind. We live rurally and not much opportunity to move schools either 😪

OP posts:
SearchingForSolitude · 20/01/2024 19:35

Following the review in the autumn term, has the LA informed you whether they are going to amend or not and if they are issued an amended draft? If not, they should have done by now. If they have informed you they aren’t going to amend, do you still have the right of appeal? If they have informed you they are going to amend, have they finalised?

Your best bet is appealing the outcome of the AR if the appeal window hasn’t passed and seeking independent reports where necessary.

Do you mean DD isn’t receiving the provision detailed, specified and quantified in F? Or do you mean F doesn’t have all the provision required?

Nikee20 · 20/01/2024 19:36

Is there any money attached to the EHCP?

We’ve been very lucky as I think he’s bright so there’s a massive discrepancy between writing and everything else.

Nikee20 · 20/01/2024 19:44

I think if you’re not getting the help your child is entitled to from the EHCP and there is funding for it you need to make a formal complaint.

SearchingForSolitude · 20/01/2024 19:45

Focus on the provision detailed, specified and quantified in F rather than funding. If the provision is detailed, specified and quantified in F it must be provided and can be enforced (it is the LA who is ultimately responsible). If the school needs more funding they should approach the LA.

Userno63637373737 · 20/01/2024 20:37

@SearchingForSolitude not been amended yet as my LA has had a huge turnover of staff so there’s a massive back log. My eldest has a plan too and it’s a similar story.

I don’t think the provision in section F is overly detailed and it’s outdated as it hasn’t been amended since 2021/2022. But generally I don’t think the school are not great at following it. On parents evening her teacher hasn’t even read her EHC plan since she started in the class 🤷‍♀️

I am not sure on exact funding she gets. In my area they seem to keep it hush hush and the schools are reluctant to say. I’ve only just found out my sons funding after years of asking!

OP posts:
SearchingForSolitude · 20/01/2024 22:14

The LA must inform you if they are going to assess or not, and if they are, issue an amendment notice within 4 weeks of the AR meeting. If this hasn’t happened email the Director of Children’s Services reminding them of the timescale. If that doesn’t work, email again threatening judicial review. Then, if that fails, contact SOSSEN for help with a pre-action letter,

If the provision in F isn’t detailed, specified and quantified it isn’t worth the paper it is written on, unfortunately. The school don’t have to provide it and it can’t be enforced. 

If anything is detailed, specified and quantified and DD isn’t receiving it email the headteacher reminding them. Also email the Director of Children’s Services reminding them of their duty under s.42, CAFA 2014. If the situation continues email again threatening JR then contact SOSSEN for help with a pre-action letter if that doesn’t work.

mumoftwo678 · 24/01/2024 10:45

My little girl is in year 3 and we have just done the screening test. She has not been formally diagnosed with dyslexia, but is getting help from school.
Have a look at this article. It is all about getting dyslexia help from school. How dyslexia tests and assessments work. Hope it helps:)

Assessments for Dyslexia, Step by Step Guide

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